Sit On Top Surf Kayak

A sit on top surf kayak has an open deck and is made specifically for surfing. The paddler sits on top of the kayak rather than inside a cockpit. Additionally, sit on top kayaks are renowned for being more stable and simple to handle as they don’t require the paddler to have advanced paddling techniques or a roll method to recover from a capsize.

Typically shorter and wider than standard kayaks, sit on top surf kayaks contain features like fins and rockers that make them easier to operate in the surf. They are well-liked by recreational and novice surfers alike.

Why Choose The Surf Kayak?

If you’re looking for an adventure in the ocean, then surf kayaks are the best choice. It is because surf kayaks are different kayaks designed for surfing waves in the oceans. In addition, surf kayaks are an excellent choice for riding waves because they offer stability and are highly maneuverable.

These qualities are crucial for high-performance surf kayaks in dynamic, challenging surfing environments such as oceans. Some of the advantages of choosing a surf kayak include the following:

  • Versatility: The design of surf kayaks is meant to handle a wide range of ocean wave conditions. For instance, you can surf in both small and large wave swells.
  • Maneuverability: Using a surf kayak allows you to quickly turn and carve through waves.
  • Stability: Considering that surf kayaks are often used in the unpredictable and potent environment of the surf zone, the stability they provide is excellent.
  • Speed: Surf kayaks are ideally faster than other kayak designs. This high speed makes them suitable for long-distance exploration in surf zones.
  • Performance: A surf kayak can offer an exquisite riding experience because its design supports many surfing and riding techniques.

Therefore, if you’re adventurous and interested in exploring ocean waves through surfing, consider getting a surf kayak. This is because you need a high-performance, versatile, and manageable kayak.

The Secret Guide You Should Consider Before Buying The Best Kayak For Surf Fishing

Consider several factors when buying the best kayak for surf fishing. These factors include the following:

sit on top surf kayak

Surf Kayak Shape

The surf kayak shape is important because it impacts its performance while surfing in the ocean. The shape of surfing kayaks can have an impact on the following factors:

  • Wave performance: The performance of a surf kayak can be affected by its shape, especially the ability to catch waves, surf down the face of waves, and execute tricks and stunts.
  • Stability: A surf kayak’s form impacts its stability in the water, especially during waves and rough conditions. In harsh circumstances, a broad, stable surf kayak is more forgiving and simpler to control, while calm, narrow, unstable surf kayaks can offer a more thrilling, dynamic ride.
  • Speed: The speed and efficacy of a surf kayak on the water can be influenced by its shape. Ideally, a surf kayak with a narrow, streamlined design will be faster than one with a broader, more rounded shape.
  • Maneuverability: A surf kayak’s agility, turning, and shape influence carving capabilities. For example, a surf kayak that is rounded or curved will typically be easier to maneuver than one that is more angular or flat.

The sort of surf and wave conditions you will encounter, as well as your preferences and ability level, should all be considered when selecting a surf kayak. Based on these considerations, you can choose a surf kayak with a form appropriate for your needs and the conditions you will be paddling in.


When you’re looking to buy a kayak for surf fishing, it’s essential to consider function. This is because the function of a kayak, especially if it’s intended for catching fish, can affect other aspects, such as design and features.

Here are some features that can affect the function of surfing kayaks:

  • Load capacity: The kayak you choose for your surf fishing should have the capacity to fit all the necessary gear, bait, and food.
  • Comfort: It’s also essential to consider comfort because you can spend a lot of time on the surf kayak. For example, consider buying one with comfortable seating, adjustable foot braces, and sufficient leg room. Such conditions can ease your fishing expedition, especially if it takes time.
  • Tracking and speed: Tracking and speed are terms used to describe how well a kayak can keep moving straight through the water. You can cover more land and locate more fish with good tracking and speed, but you must balance these elements with stability and other crucial surf fishing elements.
  • Accessibility: You need quick and simple access to your equipment and tackle when fishing. To keep your gear organized and convenient to access, think about a kayak with numerous storage compartments, gear wells, and rod holders.
  • Stability: Stability is essential for surf fishing to cast and retrieve your line without getting knocked over by the waves or tipping your kayak. Even in turbulent waters, a stable kayak will offer a more stable platform for fishing.

Try to choose the surf with the most important feature required to make surfing because the surf kayak often offers many great services, including fishing. An excellent surf kayak needs several footrests, the finest backrest, and the best appropriate kayak paddle seat.

It’s crucial to pick a surf fishing kayak that meets your goals and offers the performance and functionality required for a productive fishing excursion by considering these considerations.


The kayak’s volume is its ability to carry water. The volume of the kayak should be taken into account when purchasing one for surf fishing because it influences the kayak’s stability, capacity, and performance in the surf in the following ways:

  • Stability: You may more easily keep your balance when casting and reeling in fish because a kayak with a bigger volume is typically more stable in the water. This is crucial in harsh circumstances in the surf zone, where waves and currents may cause instability.
  • Performance: The performance of a kayak in the waves may be impacted by its volume. Too much volume in a kayak can make it slow and sluggish, while less volume might make it too susceptible to waves and currents. You can navigate the surf easily if the volume is perfect, and it will also give you and your gear ample stability.
  • Capacity: A kayak’s weight capacity and storage space are determined by volume. You’ll need a kayak with adequate room to hold your items, including fishing gear, coolers, and other gear, without getting too heavy or cramped.

Therefore, consider choosing a kayak for surf fishing with a volume suitable for your needs.


You should also consider the material of a kayak when buying one for surf fishing. This is because the material impacts its durability, weight, and performance in the following ways:

  • Durability: The strength and resistance to damage of various materials vary. For instance, kayaks built of fibreglass or rotomolded plastic are often more resilient and better equipped to withstand harsh circumstances than kayaks made of lightweight composites or inflatable materials. It’s crucial to pick a material that can survive the shocks of rocks and waves if you intend to use your kayak in the surf.
  • Weight: Another crucial factor to consider is the kayak’s weight. A lighter material, such as inflatable PVC or lightweight composites, can make your kayak easier to manage if you intend to bring it to the shore. Conversely, a heavier material like rotomolded plastic or fibreglass would be more suited if you want a more solid kayak.
  • Performance: The composition of a kayak can also affect how well it performs in the surf. Lightweight kayaks may be more prone to being pushed around by waves and currents, whereas heavier kayaks may be more stable and capable of following a course.

Furthermore, the degree of flex that various materials exhibit can impact how a kayak performs in the waves.

Thus, it’s essential to consider the material of the kayak you’re buying for surf fishing to ascertain durability, ease of handling, and performance.


Weight is a crucial element to consider when buying a kayak for surf fishing. This is because weight affects some aspects of the surf kayaking experience, such as transportation, performance, and safety, in the following ways:

  • Transportation: The ease of transporting a kayak to and from the water depends on its weight. A lightweight kayak will be simpler to carry if you intend to do the beach or launch location carrying the kayak by yourself. The weight may be fine if you want to move your kayak using a cart or a vehicle.
  • Performance: The performance of a kayak on the water can also be influenced by its weight. A heavier kayak will be more maneuverable in the waves because it will be more stable and have superior tracking ability. On the other hand, a lightweight kayak will be easier to control and react to changes in the direction more quickly.
  • Safety: Your safety in the water may also be impacted by a kayak’s weight. While a lighter kayak might be more prone to being pushed around by the waves and currents, a heavier kayak will be more challenging to control in choppy conditions. A hefty kayak will also be more difficult to rescue in an emergency.

Hence, when choosing a kayak for surf fishing, you should consider the weight because it impacts transportation, functionality, and safety. Whether you’re seeking stability, maneuverability, or simplicity of transport, you should pick a kayak whose weight matches your particular needs and specifications.


Speed is also essential to consider when buying a kayak for surf fishing. This is because it has an impact on the efficiency and effectiveness during your fishing trips in the following ways:

  • Efficiency: If you need to travel rapidly between fishing places or want to fish over a wide region, the kayak’s speed will decide how quickly you can cover a specific distance. You’ll be able to travel farther in less time with a quicker kayak, which will improve your chances of spotting fish.
  • Effectiveness: The kayak’s speed will also affect how successfully you can fish under specific circumstances. A slower kayak, for instance, would be better suited for casting and hauling in fish in calmer waters. A quicker kayak will enable you to enter and exit the fishing area more quickly in choppy weather or the surf zone, minimizing your exposure to potential dangers.

Thus, the best surfing kayaks are the ones whose speed meets your needs and requirements during surf fishing. The speed is crucial despite looking for other factors such as efficiency, versatility, or stability which surf kayaking.


The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a kayak for surf fishing is safety, especially because of the hazards and challenges you may find in the surf environment. The following elements can help determine the safety of the surf kayak:

  • Stability: A kayak’s stability is essential in the surf zone, where waves and currents can be erratic. You’ll be able to fish and manage your gear more efficiently in a stable kayak, which will also lessen the chance that it could capsize or flip over.
  • Buoyancy: A kayak’s buoyancy is crucial for safety in the surf zone. If your kayak capsizes, it will still float if it takes on water, allowing you to swim back to land.
  • Construction: A kayak’s structure is crucial to consider when ensuring safety. A kayak built with sturdy, high-quality components will be more resistant to damage and offer superior safety in an emergency.
  • Visibility: It’s crucial to pick a kayak with high visibility markings or safety lights if you intend to fish in low light or locations with poor visibility. This will lessen the possibility of crashes by making it simpler for other boats and watercraft to see you.

Hence, you can choose a surf with excellent stability, buoyancy, visibility, and construction to guarantee your safety when kayaking, especially on giant waves. Moreover, you’ll enjoy your fishing experience on a high-performance design sit on top surfing kayak that makes you feel safe.

Best Sit On Top Surf Kayak On VICKING

If you’re in the market for an ocean kayak, here are seven of the best surf kayaks you can choose:

1. VK-04 LANGO: 9.5 ft Single Surf Kayak


This is a great four-star kayak for fishing adventures. It has the following features:

  • One Paddle
  • One Delux seat
  • One Fishing rod holder
  • Seven Scupper plugs
  • One Drain plug
  • Two Plastic handles
  • Four Flush rod holders
  • Two round hatches
  • One black bungee
  • One paddle packing
  • One fish finder hole

This kayak offers the best value for solo expeditions because of its features that can only accommodate one person. One of the benefits of buying this kayak is that it’s always ready to launch, whether in the ocean or on a lake or river.

You can also store your gear in the storage hatches and be guaranteed to stay dry even if you hit a large wave.

2. VK-O5 TIMO: 8.7 ft Single Sit On Top Kayak


This kayak can offer you a five-star experience while catching waves or fishing. Some of the core features of this kayak include the following:

  • One Paddle
  • One Deluxe seat
  • One Fishing rod holder
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One drain plug
  • Four plastic handles
  • Four flush rod holders
  • Two round hatches
  • One black bungee
  • Two paddle packing

This fishing kayak is extra stable and the best overall because of its great performance. If you’re going fishing or might be spending a lot of time on the water, this kayak offers great comfort.

In addition, the kayak is versatile and can be used for many activities, such as cruising and fishing. This makes it perfect for family and group activities.

3. VK-07 HAPPINESS: 12.1 ft 2+1 Family Kayak


This fantastic kayak for family adventure can easily offer you a four-star experience. Some of the unique features of this kayak include the following:

  • Two Paddles
  • Two Deluxe seats
  • Two Fishing rod holders
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One Drain plug
  • Four Plastic handles
  • Two Round hatches
  • Four Flush rod holders
  • One Black Bungee
  • Two Paddle Packing

This kayak can guarantee the best value for family kayaking, especially if used for recreational activities. This is because it’s stable and offers easy maneuverability.

4. VK-17 GRAN: 10.8 ft Single Fishing Kayak


We promise to offer you a five-star fishing experience because of the following features:

  • One Paddle
  • One Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat
  • One fishing rod holder
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One Drain plug
  • Two Plastic handles
  • Four Flush rod holders
  • One Square hatch
  • One Round hatch
  • One Black bungee
  • One Fishfinder hole
  • Two H-Track
  • Two Full rudder system
  • Two Footrests
  • Pad packing

This kayak is one of the best because it’s designed to offer stability, comfort, and safety during a fishing expedition. One of the exciting features of this kayak is the seat design which has a grooved seat for a child. Therefore, you can safely and comfortably bring a child with you during your fishing activities.

5. VK-18 CODIA: 9.4 ft Single Fishing Kayak


This exciting kayak can provide a five-star experience while out in the water. The incredible features of this kayak include the following:

  • One Paddle
  • One Comfortable aluminum frame seat
  • Eight Scupper plugs
  • One Drain Plug
  • Four Plastic handles
  • Four Flush rod holders
  • One Square hatch
  • One Triangular hatch
  • One Black bungee
  • One Paddle packing
  • One Fishfinder hole
  • Two H-Track
  • Two Footrests

The kayak is the most resistant to friction and, can cover water quickly because of its speed, stability, and impeccable design. The fantastic shape at the front allows it to cut through rough waves with ease. Moreover, the superior tracking in this kayak makes paddle strokes effortless as you cruise through the water.

6. VK-20 HAPPINESS II: 12.1 ft 2+1 Tandem Kayak


The tandem kayak can offer you and your family a four-star kayaking experience. It hosts the following features:

  • Two Paddles
  • Two Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seats
  • Two Fishing rod holders
  • Eight Scupper plugs
  • One Drain plug
  • Four Plastic handles
  • Two Round hatches
  • Two H-Track
  • Four Flush Rd Holders
  • Two Black Bungee
  • Two Paddle Packing

This tandem kayak might be the best budget-friendly choice for families because of the fantastic stadium seats, which provide comfort and support by reducing pressure on the lower back of an occupant.

7. VK-23 TITAN: 10 ft Single Fishing Kayak


It’s also known as a Catamaran kayak with a four-star rating experience. Its features include the following:

  • One Paddle
  • One Comfortable aluminum seat
  • One pc Fishing rod holder
  • Eight Scupper plugs
  • One Drain plug
  • Four Plastic handles
  • Four Flush rod holders
  • One Square hatch
  • One Triangular hatch
  • One Black bungee
  • One Fishfinder hole
  • Two H-Track
  • One Full rudder system
  • Two Footrests
  • One Paddle packing

Additionally, the fishing kayak has the best extra features such as, an interchangeable pedal drive system where you can shift from propeller-style drive to fin-style drive within a short time.

How To Stay Safe While Surf Kayaking

As mentioned before, your primary consideration when surf kayaking should be safety. You can ascertain your safety by doing the following:

  • Wearing a personal floatation device.
  • Ensuring that the weather and water conditions are safe for surfing.
  • Take a kayaking course before starting to surf.
  • While out on the water, ensure you communicate with other surf kayakers.
  • Understand that you have limits and respect them.
  • Always be prepared for emergencies.

These tips can help keep you and other kayakers safe and ascertain that you enjoy surfing.


What Is Unique About The Design Of A Surf Kayak?

A surf kayak is specifically designed for ocean use and has unique features distinct from other kayaks, such as a rounded hull, rudder, skeg or rudder, and drainage system.

What Size Waves Can Surf Kayaks Handle?

Ideally, surf kayaks are designed to handle waves within 2-6 feet in height. However, an advanced kayaker can surf larger waves using a specialized surf kayak.

Should I Wear A Helmet While Kayaking?

Yes. It’s recommended to wear a helmet, especially if whitewater or surf kayaking in challenging and choppy waters.

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