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VK-04 LANGO: 9.5 ft Single Fishing Kayak

VK-04 LANGO: 9.5 ft Single Fishing Kayak

Set out on a remarkable expedition with the VK-04 LANGO, a 9.5 ft single fishing kayak that seamlessly blends the excitement of fishing with the satisfaction of solo paddling.

Product Detail

Crafted to provide a swift and nimble single paddling experience, this versatile single fishing kayak offers top-notch stability and comfort, making it perfect for fishing enthusiasts and leisure paddlers.

Key Features:

  • One paddle for smooth navigation and maneuvering
  • One deluxe Seat offering unrivaled comfort during extended outings
  • One fishing Rod Holder for easy access to your fishing gear
  • Seven scupper plugs and a drain plug to effectively manage water flow
  • Two plastic handles for hassle-free transportation and handling
  • Four flush rod holders for added fishing rod accommodation
  • Two round hatches to securely store your belongings
  • One black bungee for reliable cargo management
  • One paddle packing to protect and store your paddle
  • One fish finder hole for convenient installation of a fish finder device


The VK-04 LANGO single fishing kayak is the ideal companion for any solo paddler, whether you’re an avid angler or a casual kayaker. And its sleek design ensures an efficient and enjoyable paddling experience, providing excellent stability and comfort.

Thus, boost your wholesale business with this dependable, multifunctional single fishing kayak, thoughtfully designed to deliver unforgettable aquatic adventures for both casual and avid kayakers.

vk 04 lango

vk 04 lango

vk 04 lango

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