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VK-05 TIMO: 8.7 ft Single Fishing Purple Sit On Top Kayak

VK-05 TIMO: 8.7 ft Single Fishing Purple Sit On Top Kayak


1 Paddle,1 Deluxe Seat, 1 Fishing Rod Holder, 8 Scupper Plugs, 1 Drain Plug, 4 Plastic Handles, 4 Flush Rod Holders, 2 Round Hatches,1 Black Bungee, 2 Paddle Packing.

Product Detail


Extra stable fishing kayak is our most popular model, with great performance at a great price. This is the ultimate fishing kayak for hours of comfort and fun on the water.

Paddle or fish on your favorite harbor; river or lake. Its versatility allows for cruising, fishing, camping, or just having fun with family and friends.

vk 05 timo purple sit on top kayak

vk 05 timoSpecs:

■ SIZE: 265x83x35 CM
■ HULL WEIGHT: 22 kgs (49 lbs)
■ WEIGHT CAPACITY: 150kgs (330 lbs)
■ G.W WEIGHT: 27 kgs (60 lbs)
■ ANTI-UV: 8
■ Usage: Fishing, Surfing, Cruising
■ 20ft: 53 pcs 40HQ: 128 pcs

The VICKING 8.7 ft purple sit on top kayak is designed for serious anglers who demand a rugged and reliable kayak. This kayak is constructed with LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), which is known for its exceptional strength and durability.

It can accommodate up to 330lbs, making it a great option for larger individuals or those who plan to carry a significant amount of fishing gear. The sit-on-top design provides a comfortable and stable platform for fishing, and the spacious deck allows for easy access to all your gear.

With its bright purple color, this kayak is not only practical, but also eye-catching on the water. Whether you’re fishing in calm lakes or mild rivers, the VICKING 8.7 ft Durable LLDPE Purple Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak is sure to provide a fun and safe experience.


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