VK-18 CODIA: 9.4 ft Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

Discover the VK-18 CODIA, a 9.4 ft single fishing kayak designed specifically for you seeking a high-quality sit on top fishing kayak.

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This single fishing kayak comes with one paddle, one comfortable aluminum frame seat, eight scupper plugs, one drain plug, four plastic handles, four flush rod holders, one square hatch, one triangular hatch, one black bungee, one paddle packing, one fish finder hole, two H-Tracks, and two footrests. These characteristics guarantee that you have everything you require for a fruitful fishing trip.

Our VK-18 CODIA kayak paddles through the water quickly and effectively because it is made for experienced adventurers. And its sharp front design makes it easy to maneuver through choppy water, and its slightly protruded spine guarantees outstanding tracking.

Furthermore, this kayak’s 9.3-foot length is carefully constructed to make every stroke as effortless as possible. The two aluminum rails also offer a safe location for your fishing rod holders, guaranteeing smooth operation.

Thus, if you want a sit on top fishing kayak with unmatched speed, stability, and performance, invest in our VK-18 CODIA.

vk 18 codia

Stripes, solid colors, mixed colors, more than 100 colors to choose from


285x84x34 cm

Hull Weight

26 kgs (57 lbs)

Weight Capacity

150 kgs (330 lbs)

G.W Weight

34 kgs (75 lbs)




3 years Limited Warranty




Fishing, Surfing, Cruising

Loading Rate

20ft: 46pcs 40HQ: 110pcs

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