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VK-17 GRAN: 10.8 ft Single Person Fishing Kayak

VK-17 GRAN: 10.8 ft Single Person Fishing Kayak

Presenting the VK-17 GRAN, a 10.8 ft single person fishing kayak caters to adults and children, making it a versatile and practical addition to any fishing excursions.

Product Detail

Our VK-17 GRAN single person fishing kayak comes equipped with a wealth of features designed to maximize your fishing experience, including a paddle, a comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, a fishing rod holder, eight scupper plugs, a drain plug, two plastic handles, four flush rod holders, a square hatch, a round hatch, a black bungee, a fish finder hole, two H-tracks, a full rudder system, and two footrests, as well as pad packing.

The VK-17 GRAN has a thoughtful design, making it stand out from other kayaks. Its extended width through the mid-section and thick sidewalls provide excellent stability for paddlers weighing up to 150 kg.

And it is designed with an adult in mind, seated on the raised premium stadium seat, and also features a grooved seat in front for a child to join in the fishing fun.

Thus, by choosing our VK-17 GRAN for your wholesale needs, you can offer a high-quality, versatile, and family-friendly single person fishing kayak that meets the needs of both adult and younger anglers. It ensures an enjoyable and memorable day on the water for fishing enthusiasts of all ages.

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