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VK-11 GRACE: 11.5 ft Single Pedal Propeller Kayak

VK-11 GRACE: 11.5 ft Single Pedal Propeller Kayak


1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, 1pc Fishing rod holder, 1 Propeller, 8 Scupper plug, 1 Drain plugs, 2 Plastic handles, 3 Flush rod holders, 2 Round hatches, 1 Triangular hatch, 4 H・Track, 1 Black bungee, 1Full rudder system, 1 Cup hole

Product Detail


Performance-engineered to achieve the perfect balance of simplicity and efficiency. lt is fun, zippy, stable, and has turn-on-a-dime performance. The pedal is capable of reaching 5.5 MPH with an impressive 10:1 gear ratio for efficient pedaling. The mold-generated handles make them maintenance- and replacement-free.

vk 11 grace

vk 11 grace sizeSpecs:

■ SIZE: 350x82x40 CM
■ HULL WEIGHT: 38 kgs (84 lbs)
■ WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250kgs (550 lbs)
■ G.W WEIGHT: 54kgs (119 lbs)
■ ANTI-UV: 8
■ Usage: Fishing, Surfing, Cruising
■ 20ft: 22 pcs 40HQ: 68 pcs

These kayaks are defined as pedal kayaks with an excellent propeller system. The pedal propeller kayak is perfect for use as a fishing kayak, and it is heavy duty, with the capacity to support the weight of an average adult. One of the fantastic things about using a propeller pedal drive kayak is its simplicity, which allows new users without prior kayaking experience to learn its operation techniques quickly.

These pedal kayaks are best-sellers, and the customer reviews are excellent. Many of the existing owners confirm they will recommend the kayaks to beginners who are looking for an excellent glider for cruising, fishing. These models also come with lots of features like bungee cords and rod holders.

Also, users who want to go fishing with plenty of equipment will find the easy storage features convenient.

Are Propeller Kayaks Safe?

The propeller drive kayaks are among the safest options on the market. They are excellent when used as a fishing kayak and compatible with trolling motor models for regular-sized kayaks. These kayaks have often been recommended to beginners because they are safe. In addition to that, the makers continually look for opportunities to add exceptional features to help improve the user experience when cruising or fishing with these kayak models.

Here are some of the outstanding safety features of this kayak model:


The propeller drive kayaks are notably stable when navigating the waters. Many customer reviews also confirm these kayaks are considered stable when the user hits a strong current while fishing or cruising the lake. Since it is so stable, this kayak allows the user to control it with less effort when fishing or cruising.

Also, the kayak has a compartment or holder for movable accessories like paddles or other things. This means the user will be able to stay organized while focusing on navigating the paddle kayak. Staying focused is essential to navigate a pedal drive kayak successfully, so it is an essential safety factor that all movable items can be securely kept when necessary.

Comfortable Seats

The seat on this pedal drive kayak is also secured efficiently, so there are fewer bumps when cruising along the lake. The comfortable seats go a long way to help the user feel more confident when using the pedal kayak. The comfortable seats are high-quality, so there are no worries about replacements that can cost a fortune. Having a comfortable fishing experience is best, and these kayaks are the best fit.

Outstanding Propeller Drive System

The propeller drive system in these pedal  drive fishing kayaks provides enough force to move the kayak forward. This means the user can stay safe when they hit a mild or strong current. They can continue moving in the direction they want without the river current swaying their kayak away from the intended course.

The ability to remain on course while using these pedal  drive kayaks is essential for safety. It significantly reduces the chances of the user getting lost while trying to navigate the lake or river.

Gadget Ready Kayaks

These sit on top kayaks come ready with several features that allow users to install and leverage smart gadgets. These gadgets include devices for finding fish, navigation, GPS, and trolling motor installations for instant reverse or moving at cruise speeds.

These are all gadgets that the user can leverage to stay safe while navigating the waters with this pedal kayak model. The sit on top kayak structure also allows the user to install gadgets that give them a hands free navigating experience. For example, sonar systems and trolling motors with automated features can help improve the navigation or fishing experience.

Best Place to Buy the Propeller Kayak


These excellent sit on top pedal drive kayaks are best for use on fresh water and come with heavy weight features. These and so much more are among the reasons why the kayaks are top sellers on the market.

However, to enjoy their excellent features, it is always advisable to buy them from a trusted dealer. Instead of buying from random brands, you should consider ordering these pedal drive kayaks from our company.

We are an established brand selling the best propeller drive kayaks on the market. The propeller kayaks we sell have earned a fantastic reputation among our growing customer base. The users write excellent comments about the kayak’s usability, safety, and the easy storage space in the rear cargo area and other hatches.

Also, it doubles as a fishing kayak or one suitable for exploring your favorite lake. We have the resources to provide and ship all the pedal kayaks you want. So send us your customer contact form to order today.

Product Features – VK-11 Grace

Anyone who wants an affordable, efficient, and durable propeller kayak should go for the VK-11 Grace model. The pedal kayak model lives up to its name, as it can gracefully glide over the water surface and withstand high currents. This particular pedal kayak has remained an impressive model among the growing number of kayak fans.

The pedal kayak comes at an impressive price and will last for many years. The users only need to do basic maintenance procedures to keep the pedal kayak at its maximum form. Also, the storage requirements are simple. The user can store them in a kayak cover under a neatly kept shed.

Here are the top features of this fantastic pedal drive fishing kayak:

Excellent Kayak Length

This kayak is 11.5 feet long, which is perfect for accommodating one person. The kayak comes with heavy duty features and enough storage space because of its length. The space also provides room for high-quality rod holders, and a fishing rod, among other items the user may need.

The whole 11.5 feet is also an ideal feature for a pedal kayak that should safely accommodate one adult of average weight. Also, because of the ideal length, it is easier for the user to move this propeller drive kayak from one place to another. It can fit in the back of a large truck or fastened on a vehicle’s roof.

The dimensions of this comfortable fishing kayak are as follows, 350x82x40 cm. This is ideal for the stability and space needed for a comfortable kayaking experience.

Sit on top Feature

This kayak model comes with comfortable seats that have a durable aluminum frame. The sit on top design allows the user to stand up or stretch their legs out when they feel too cramped in the space. The design also allows the user to have a broad view of the environment while navigating their kayak from one point to another.

Hull Weight

The hull weight of this pedal kayak is 84 lbs. This ideal weight capacity is needed to keep the kayak stable when it is in use. The hull weight capacity also means the kayak is excellent for a trolling motor and can support reasonably weighted rod holders. The hull weight capacity also supports the heavy-duty features many users look for when buying a propeller kayak.

The hull weight is also excellent for easy maneuverability. The small boat can move at a reasonable speed, which the user can control because of the propeller system. The forward and reverse propulsion is always smooth because of the high-quality complete rudder system.

Loading Weight Capacity

This fishing kayak is designed to support users and stuff weighing up to 550 lbs. This makes it an ideal propeller kayak for people who want to take more fishing gear while exploring the lakes. The weight capacity also means the user has no worries about paddle storage and carrying extra fishing rods. They only need to ensure their stuff is within the specified weight capacity.

Durable Materials

The LLDPE/HDPE materials used to make the pedal drive kayak compliments the unique style. The high-quality materials also enhance the product’s physical features as the color patterns stand out more conspicuously in public places like the beach or lakefront. The materials guarantee this fishing kayak will last for a long time, whether the owners use it in fresh or salt water.

Impressive Gear Ratio

One of the features that can influence a user’s experience with this pedal drive kayak is the gear ratio. This VK-11 Grace propeller kayak model has an excellent gear ratio of 10:1. This means the user will find it easier to navigate the lakes or rivers using the pedals on this fishing kayak.

The gear ratio makes these models an excellent choice for fishermen who want to move at speeds up to 5.5 mph.

Hatches and Handles

The pedal fishing kayak has round and triangular hatches providing enough storage space. Also, the two molded plastic handles are sturdy and will not break off.

Other features include the rudder system, one cup holder, and a drain plug that the user needs to prevent the pedal fishing kayak from flooding.

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