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VK-24 NOVA: 10.5 ft Single Flap Pedal Kayak

VK-24 NOVA: 10.5 ft Single Flap Pedal Kayak

Are you looking for a high-performance fishing kayak that caters to all your needs? If so, look no further than VK-24 NOVA: 10.5 ft single flap pedal fishing kayak from Ningbo Vicking Mould&Plastic CO., LTD.. Our flap pedal kayak is perfect for you.



1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, 1 Fishing rod holder, 1 Flap pedal drive, 7 Scupper plugs, 1 Drain plug, 4 Plastic handles, 6 Flush rod holders, 1 Round hatch, 1 Square hatch, 1 Triangular hatch, 6 H-Track, 1 Black bungee, 1 Full rudder system, 1 Fish finder hole, 2 Foot pads.

Product Detail

The flap pedal kayak has a long list of features, including a paddle, an adjustable aluminum frame seat that is comfortable, a fishing rod holder, a flap pedal drive, seven scupper plugs, a drain plug, four plastic handles, six flush rod holders, one round hatch, one square hatch, six H-Track, a black bungee, a full rudder system, a fish finder hole, and two foot pads. With all of these features, you will have everything you need for a productive fishing trip.

Its efficient acceleration from a stop requires minimal pedal effort because of its flap-drive technology. Even in turbulent waters, the flat hull design and V-shaped “sweeping flare” bow provide a secure and dry ride.

And the open, clutter-free cockpit and bow-to-stern rail mount system allow you to customize your watercraft to your preferences.

Overall, our flap pedal kayak is a classic kayak with proven flap-drive technology, advanced features, and superior build quality. Its stable yet dry ride and customizable design make it perfect for serious anglers. Order it for your project today and experience the difference!



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