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VK-26 KOROT: 10.1 ft Single Flap Pedal Drive Kayak

VK-26 KOROT: 10.1 ft Single Flap Pedal Drive Kayak

The VK-26 KOROT: 10.1 ft single flap pedal fishing kayak is the perfect choice for serious anglers seeking a high-performance watercraft. Built by Ningbo Vicking Mould&Plastic CO.,LTD., this pedal drive kayak offers unparalleled control and maneuverability on the water.



1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, 1pc Flap pedal, 6 Scupper plugs, 1 Drain plug, 4 Plastic handles, 4 Flush rod holders, 1 Round hatch, 1 Square hatch, 1 Triangular hatch, 4 H-Track, 1 Black bungee, 1 Full rudder system, 1 Fish finder hole, 2 Foot pads.

Product Detail

Our pedal drive kayak is equipped with a comprehensive set of features, including a paddle, a comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, a flap pedal, six scupper plugs, a drain plug, four plastic handles, four flush rod holders, a round hatch, a square hatch, a triangular hatch, four H-Track, a black bungee, a full rudder system, a fish finder hole, and two foot pads.

Its deep-grooved hull lines and deep-blade rudder system provide outstanding tracking, while the broad foot and rear area provide a more comfortable ride and large storage capacity. Also, the kayak’s safety rope allows for a quick, hands-free experience.

Thus, the VK-26 KOROT pedal drive kayak is ideal for your endeavor. Get our merchandise today!



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