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VK-06 NANCY: 8.9 ft Single Person Kayak

VK-06 NANCY: 8.9 ft Single Person Kayak

Presenting the VK-06 NANCY: an 8.9 ft single fishing kayak, designed exclusively by Vicking Kayak, a kayak manufacturer that specializes in the wholesale business. This single person kayak is perfect for seeking a lightweight, stable, and feature-rich option.

Product Detail

Our single person kayak is packed with features that cater to various kayaking needs.

These include 1 paddle, 1 deluxe seat or aluminum frame seat, 1 fishing rod holder, 2 scupper plugs, 1 drain plug, 4 plastic handles, 2 flush rod holders, 2 round hatches, 1 black bungee, and 2 paddle packing options.

Besides, the kayak also offers a choice between a fabric seat and an aluminum frame seat for added comfort.

Weighing in at just 20kgs, this Neptune sit-on-top kayak is one of our most lightweight, smaller-sized entry-level kayaks.

It is versatile and portable and ideal for beach outings, solo paddling on your favorite harbor, river, or lake, or even accompanying a boating trip. And its width ensures stability, making it an excellent choice for beginners of all ages.

In short, choose this VK-06 NANCY: an 8.9 ft single fishing kayak for your wholesale inventory to provide a high-quality, adaptable, and user-friendly single person kayak that will enhance outdoor adventures.

VK-06 NANCY: Single Fishing Kayak

vk 06 nancy

vk 06 nancy

vk 06 nancy

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