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VK-09 EVO: 12.5 ft Single Fishing Motor Electric Kayak

VK-09 EVO: 12.5 ft Single Fishing Motor Electric Kayak


1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable Aluminum Frame Seat, 6 Scupper Plugs, 1 Drain Plug, 3 Plastic Handles, 1 Aluminum Side Handles, 1 Portable Storage(kid seat), 2 Flush Rod Holders, 1 Round Hatch, 1 Sealed Oval Hatch, 1 Black Bungee, 1 Fish Finder Hole, 1 Paddle Packing, 1 Full Rudder System, 2 Foot Rests

Product Detail


Ultra-stable double hull glides quietly through the water while providing a stable and comfortable stand-up fishing platform, The built-in 46lbs motor gives you all the power you need to get to your favorite fishing spot with all your gear; Dry storage for additional gear in the sealed bow hatch, with a massive cockpit hatch to store your battery and tackle boxes, together with a large rear cargo bay, provide all the space you need. A large open cockpit and oversized rear cargo provide a platform that is easy to organize with plenty of room to fish!

vk 09 evoSpecs:

■ SIZE: 380x80x35 CM
■ HULL WEIGHT: 35 kgs (77 lbs)
■ WEIGHT CAPACITY: 200kgs (441 lbs)
■ G.W WEIGHT: 45 kgs (99 lbs)
■ ANTI-UV: 8
■ Usage: Fishing, Surfing, Cruising
■ 20ft: 25 pcs 40HQ: 78 pcs

If you had a choice, it is best to choose the electric motorized kayaks, which are reliable and efficient. You need an impressive fishing electric kayak that keeps you safe out there and without the risks of being stranded out in the lake. Even if you are not int bnm,erested in the fishing kayak, if you often need to spend quality time out there in the outside world, surrounded by water and nature’s beauty, the motorized fishing kayak will be excellent.

However, motorized kayaks come in different models and have varying features. This is why you should only buy your motorized kayak from our company. We have been selling reliable and durable motorized kayak models with high-quality electric motors and other features that ensure the electric power is enough to make the system work.

What is the Electric Kayak?

For those who may be wondering, the electric motorized kayak is best described as a typical kayak with all the features of traditional models and more and a power source that provides the necessary electric boost needed to help the motorized fishing kayaks move forwards.

The electric motorized kayak is easy to use, as the motorized kayak model has undergone a transformation over the years to become what it is now.

Our company has kept up with the evolution of the electric motor kayak. This follows up, if necessary, to ensure all end users get maximum value when using the electric motorized kayak they have in.

How Many People can fit into an Electric Kayak?

The electric motorized kayak is ideally designed to fit one or two people. The design limitations are that making a longer kayak to accommodate more people may compromise the kayak’s stability. Also, there is a limit to which the kayak motor can push the fishing kayak. Therefore, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is best when choosing a good motorized fishing kayak.

The featured motorized kayak in this article is designed to accommodate only one user at a time. The kayak motor is high-quality, and it is spacious, with other outstanding features. Also, if you are not looking forward to kayaking alone, there is a way to have more fun out in the lakes. You should go kayaking in groups. You can find local groups of kayakers who head out often. Send them a notification that you would like an invite. Then, join these groups to go have all the fun with your electric motor kayak.

Main Component in the Electric Kayak

If you are wondering what makes these motorized kayaks stand out from other kayak models on the market, we have the answer. It is all about the electric motor mount on these kayaks. There are kayaks with a pedal drive, but the electric motor is a specific motor that produces a stronger push to get your kayak from one point to another without stress.

Also, the design makes it easy to use the motorized fishing kayak with an electric trolling motor. This helps anglers move faster across the lakes while they hunt fish in the hottest spots known to attract fish.

Kayaks with electric motors are always in high demand, making them bestsellers on the market. This is why we encourage you to consider investing and getting a good number of fishing kayaks for your target market. The motorized kayak is also excellent for recreational use.

Advantages of Using the Electric Kayak

In this part of the post, we will be writing about why there is a high demand for motorized kayaks. These products are worth every penny because they have an excellent performance rating. The advantages have made the motorized kayak stand out from other models on the market.

Here are some of the best features of these motorized fishing kayaks with a motor installed:

Easy to Use

The easy installation of the motor mount and electric motor makes it a good choice for beginners who may want to use their motorized kayak often times during the week. The motor mount can hold any electric trolling motor, and with the right tools, the user can take out the motor for repairs when necessary.

Also, the operating system can be remote-controlled, which is convenient. This means the user may not need to go through stress when starting the engine. Also, the batteries that power the system are durable.

Drain Plug Included

No worries about flooding in the kayak when using it because there is a highly effective drain plug. You can easily take the drain plug’s lid off to allow excess water to drain away. Also, the drain plug helps when you need to clean the inner parts of your motorized kayak routinely.

Affordable Kayaks

These kayaks are the best motorized kayaks for anyone interested in selling them wholesale. The affordable kayaks can be ordered in different numbers at reasonable prices. This makes them worth the investment because the profit margin for these products is impressive.

You should send us your customer contact form to ask questions about bulk sales or to place an order for these excellently designed motorized kayak models.

Compatibility with Innovative Technology

You can install different types of smart tech and gadgets that improve the user’s overall experience while kayaking. For example, the user can mount the latest version of trolling motor to make the kayak move even faster. There are smart navigation tools that make it easy to propel and control stable transportation.

Also, gadgets like a fish finder can be installed to leverage the spot lock technology, which helps anglers find fish every day out there in the lakes.

Spacious Compartments

There is enough space to keep different items needed to use the kayak. For example, there are dedicated compartments for the motor installed, the paddle, batteries, and other lightweight items needed in the vessel.

High-Quality Materials

These kayaks have an impressive performance because of the excellent motoring features and fortified parts like the rudder, stern, hull design, and motor mount, to mention a few effective features. The motor mount is solid, which makes these fishing kayaks even more functional for anglers.

Sealed Hatches

These kayaks also come with enough storage space. The sealed oval hatches have enough room to keep important items that can be ruined by contact with moisture. The interior parts of fishing kayaks are usually wet, so it is essential to have airtight compartments to keep any essential items.

Impressive Speed

These kayaks can move fast, making them a favorite among anglers all over the world. The fast-moving gliders do not, however, put the user at risk. This is because the control systems are easy to use and absolutely effective. For people who need the kayak to go faster, they can install a larger-sized trolling motor.

Who Can Use the Electric Kayaks?

These super-efficient and well-designed kayaks are for everyone interested in having a great experience outdoors. The trolling motor and other attachable features add versatile functions to make the kayak even more beneficial.

And, considering the simple usage instructions, we can confirm these fishing kayaks are for everyone considered as an adult. The motorized fishing kayak is also not a source of noise pollution. So, older anglers who would rather avoid loud and noisy areas can use these kayaks without any problems.

VK-09 EVO Electric Kayak – Product Description

This is an elegantly designed electric kayak packed with multiple features you will love. The kayak is built for speed, balance, and safety. It is suitable for expert kayakers and new learners who can confidently use the product’s features.

To further describe the kayak and why it stands out on the market, here are some of the top features:

Aluminum Frame Seat

The seat is comfortable and has a small space beneath, which you can convert for storing small stuff. The seat is sturdy, so you can sit in it or stand without worrying about it collapsing. Also, the aluminum frame is designed with the best materials that will not fade over time. In addition to that, using the seat allows you to stretch out your legs instead of sitting in a cramped up position for too long.

Double Hull

The hull design of this electric motorized kayak helps improve its balance while gliding across the lake. Also, the hull makes it possible to use this kayak quietly, making it an excellent option for anglers who need reliable fishing kayaks. Also, the hull does not significantly affect the kayak’s weight, another reason why this kayak is so stable.

In-built Motor

The motor that comes with this motorized kayak is inbuilt, which also helps with space management. The motor is rated at about 46 lbs, which is enough to produce the power needed to push the kayak at a reasonable speed.

The motor is of the best quality and can last for many years. Also, it is a low-maintenance motor, giving full value for money.

Dry Storage Compartment

IT always helps to have a motorized kayak with enough storage space. This model has expansive dry storage space for smartphones, electronic devices, and many other items that must not become wet. Using the dry compartment is also easy because you can remove the hatch cover and replace it easily.

Cockpit Storage

The cockpit is the perfect place for storing the battery used to power the motors. The battery weight is not too much, so there are no worries about compromised balance while using the kayak.

Size and Dimensions

The size of this kayak is represented as follows – 380x80x35 cm. These dimensions are according to the industry’s standard, ensuring the kayak has an excellent performance.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of this kayak is outstanding. The kayak can sustain up to 200 kg, which is perfect for different users. However, some people may want to check the weight capacity to ensure it is safe for the type of fishing activity they want to do.

Durable Design

These kayaks are best motorized kayaks for use as fishing kayaks, surfing, or cruising. This kayak’s entire base and other parts are made from LLDPE/HDPE materials. This is a durable material that ensures you get the most value for your money after buying the kayak. This is one of the top-selling values of this kayak.

Warranty Period

This kayak comes with a three-year warranty period, which is super convenient for many users. The warranty period allows you to enjoy using the kayak without worries about expensive repairs if something goes wrong.

Anti-UV Protection

Since you will be using this kayak under the sun while exploring the lakes, fishing, or for recreational use, there needs to be UV protection. The anti-UV protection feature is excellent. The product is in the category of kayaks with Anti-UV 8 protection, which meets top industry standards.

Kayak Length

The length of this single fishing kayak is 12.5 ft. This is an ideal length because it allows you to sit comfortably while cruising along in the kayak.

Aluminum Side Handle

For extra balance, you will find the aluminum side handle very helpful. The handles are sturdy and can support the weight of an average adult, to sit erect or recline while paddling.

Sealed Oval Hatch

The sealed hatch is reliable and complements the round hatch that can also be used to store different items while kayaking.

Fish Finder Hole

There is a fish finder hole conveniently located where the user can check for signs of fish without moving about too much. The hole is secure, so there are no worries about leaks.

Other Features

Other excellent features of this kayak include the full rudder system, flush rod holders, black bungee, and six scupper plugs. There are also two footrests and a paddle packing compartment. These features and much more are the top reasons to buy these kayaks.

Order Electric Kayaks in Bulk

You can order these kayaks in bulk. All you have to do is send us your customer contact form to get started. We will provide all the help you need to get these bestselling kayaks delivered to your location in many parts of the world. In addition, other pedal boats of our company can also be installed with motors. For example, the part of the penguin pedals can be replaced with motors, and the tail can also be installed with motors. If you are interested, you can contact us, we will provide information on other models.


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