Spöhållare för kajak, utan lock, A60

Presenting this A60 FLUSH ROD HOLDER WITHOUT COVER 02, a must-have rod holder for kayak enthusiasts who enjoy fishing on their trips.


Designed with practicality and simplicity in mind, our A60 rod holder’s sleek black design complements any kayak style and color, making it an excellent addition to your kayak accessories.

This A60 rod holder for kayak is engineered to securely hold your fishing rod in place while you paddle, navigate, or relax. Its flush design ensures minimal protrusion, reducing potential snags or catches while maneuvering your kayak.

And the absence of a cover allows for easy access and quick rod deployment, providing a seamless fishing experience.

Additionally, from 2012 to 2021, we emphasized new product development, expanding new production lines, and establishing a reliable quality inspection team.

The A60 FLUSH ROD HOLDER WITHOUT COVER 02 is a testament to these endeavors, ensuring both quality and functionality.

Thus, equip your kayak project with our A60 rod holder for kayak, and offer a worry-free fishing experience.

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