VK-38 CROON: Modular Tandem Kayak

Meet the VK-38 Croon delivering on functionality, portability, and style, a modular tandem kayak set to become the highlight of your aquatic inventory.

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Decked in an enticing shade of orange, this modular tandem kayak is a vibrant symbol of adventure and camaraderie.

It features a convenient storage compartment at the head, perfect for stowing away essentials.

The VK-38 Croon sets itself apart with its ability to disassemble into three parts, offering unrivaled ease of transportation and storage.

Available in sizes for solo or tandem use, it also caters to diverse needs without compromising on its impressive weight capacity.

By adding it to your offerings, you show a commitment to delivering top-notch quality, versatility, and joy. Thus, contact us today and invest in it.

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421*91*32cm (2 seat)
286*90*32cm (1 seat)

N.W Weight

53.6kg(118lbs) (2 seat)
35kg(77lbs) (1 seat)

Weight Capacity

250kg(551lbs) (2 seat)
130kg(287lbs) (1 seat)

The First Part

140*89*32cm 16kg(35lbs)

The Middle Part

140*91*30cm 18.6kg(41lbs)

The Last Part

153*90*30cm 19kg(42lbs)

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