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VK-32 MARIUS: 10.5 ft Single Propeller Sit on Top Pedal Kayak

VK-32 MARIUS: 10.5 ft Single Propeller Sit on Top Pedal Kayak

Have you experienced the VK-32 MARIUS: 10.5 ft single propeller pedal fishing kayak, a sit on top pedal kayak designed by Ningbo Vicking Mould&Plastic CO.,LTD? This versatile kayak features forward and reverse pedal propulsion with the propeller, allowing for efficient and effortless movement on the water.


1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, 1 Propeller pedal, 10 Scupper plugs, 1 Drain plug, 4 Plastic handles, 4 Flush rod holders, 1 Triangular hatch, 1 Round hatch, 4 H-Trackz1 black bungee, 1 Full rudder system, 2 Foot pads, 1 Cup hole.

Product Detail

Our sit on top pedal kayak is the best fishing kayak for both amateur and expert anglers because it comes with a paddle, a propeller pedal, ten scupper plugs, a drain plug, four plastic handles, four flush rod holders, four H-Tracks, a black bungee, a full rudder system, and two foot pads.

Also, the spacious cockpit and flat deck make it simple to stand and cast, and the two hatches and the cup hole offer plenty of space for storing all of your fishing equipment.

The fishing experience is made even more comfortable and enjoyable by its new aluminum alloy 360-degree swivel adjustable seat, which provides incredible comfort, durability, and breathability with mono mesh. And the maximum stability of this sit on top pedal kayak guarantees a steady and smooth ride on the water.

Why then wait? Adding the VK-32 MARIUS to your inventory immediately provides anglers with the fantasy fishing trip of a lifetime.


vk 32 marius

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