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VK-31 GASSIC: 16.5 ft Single Sit in Sea Kayak

VK-31 GASSIC: 16.5 ft Single Sit in Sea Kayak

Vicking Kayak presents the VK-31 GASSIC: a 16.5 ft single sit in sea kayak designed for avid kayakers seeking unparalleled performance and comfort.

Product Detail

Features:1Paddle,1 Backrest,1 Spray Skirt, 3 Plastic Handles,3 Oval Hatches

The aqua-dynamic shape of this kayak is the basis for its speed and stability, and paired with our premiumfoot-controlled rudder system, it makes foreasy manoeuvrability even with cross winds or stronger ocean currents. lt is a faster and more stream lined design built for effortless glide, distance paddling and speed.



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