VK-29 SUP X: 10.5 ft Single Sup Flap Pedal Sit on Top Kayak

Experience the VK-29 SUP X: 10.5 ft single sup flap pedal fishing kayak, a fully-loaded fishing kayak designed by Ningbo Vicking Mould&Plastic CO.,LTD. This pedal sit on top kayak boasts an extra-wide standing deck, and rear back with high-capacity storage, making it perfect for every fishing expedition.



1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seat, 1pc Fishing rod holder, 1 Flap pedal, 1 Scupper plug, 1 Drain Plug, 3 Plastic handles, 1 Square hatch, 6 H-Track, 1 Black bungee, 1 Full rudder system, 1 Fish finder hole, 6 Foot pads.

The VK-29 SUP X pedal sit on top kayak is the best fishing kayak for both experienced and novice anglers because it includes a paddle, a fishing rod holder, a scupper plug, a drain plug, three plastic handles, a square hatch, a black bungee, a full rudder system, a fish finder hole, and six foot pads.

It is extremely versatile, quick, quiet, and nimble, allowing for enhanced casting and practical sight fishing. And it is powered by the Fins Pedal Drive.

With the adjustable aluminum frame seat’s unmatched comfort and support, you can experience unrivaled room and comfort on long days on the water. Moreover, the H-Tracks on our pedal sit on top kayak, enable customization and let anglers install more gear to improve their fishing experience.

The ideal pedal sit on top kayak for fishing expeditions is the VK-29 SUP X, which you can immediately add to your inventory.

vk 29 sup x size

Stripes, solid colors, mixed colors, more than 100 colors to choose from



Hull Weight

32 kgs (70 lbs)

Weight Capacity

200kgs (440 lbs)

G.W Weight

44kgs (96lbs)




3 years Limited Warranty




Fishing, Surfing, Cruising

Loading Rate

20ft: 22 pcs 40HQ: 68 pcs

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