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VK-27 TANGO: 13.5 ft Double Flap Two Person Pedal Kayak

VK-27 TANGO: 13.5 ft Double Flap Two Person Pedal Kayak

Prepare for an exciting day on the water with the VK-27 TANGO: a 13.5-foot double flap pedal drive fishing kayak. This high-performance two person pedal kayak is designed by Ningbo Vicking Mould&Plastic CO.,LTD., and it boasts innovative features and great construction quality.



2 Paddles, 2 Comfortable Adjustable Aluminum Frame, 2 Flap Pedal, 11 Scupper Plugs, 2 Drain Plug, 8 Plastic Handles, 4 Flush Rod Holders, 2 Square Hatches, 8 H-Track, 2 Black Bungee, 1 Full Rudder System, 1 Fish Finder Hole, 4 Foot Pads, 2 Paddle Packing

Product Detail

This two person pedal kayak offers a robust carrying capacity suitable for a weekend camping trip or fishing with enough gear to stock a tackle shop.

And it comes with a comprehensive set of features, including two paddles, two comfortable adjustable aluminum frame seats, two flap pedals, eleven scupper plugs, two drain plugs, eight plastic handles, four flush rod holders, two square hatches, eight H-Track, two black bungees, a full rudder system, a fish finder hole, four foot pads, and two paddle packings. Fishermen will have everything they need for a successful fishing trip, with plenty of storage space for all gear.

One of the most significant advantages of our two person pedal kayak is its smooth handheld rudder system, which provides maximum turning radius with a simple wrist twist. The ultra-adjustable seating ensures style and comfort, while the ergonomic molded-in carrying handles make it easy to transport the kayak to and from the water.

So don’t settle for an average kayak when you can have the VK-27 TANGO. It’s the perfect two person pedal kayak for fishing enthusiasts who demand the best. Contact us today!



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