VK-22 ORCA: 12.5 ft Single Pedal Kayak for Fishing

Presenting Vicking Kayak’s VK-22 ORCA, a 12.5 ft single pedal kayak for fishing, combining functionality, comfort, and durability.

This 12.5 ft single pedal kayak is designed to enhance your fishing experience with its exceptional features and robust construction.

Equipped with one pc round hatch, one pc triangular hatch, and two pcs square hatches, it offers ample storage space for all your fishing gear and essentials.

Also, the included paddle and propeller pedal drive system provide versatile propulsion options, giving you full control over your movements on the water.

Our VK-22 ORCA ensures your comfort during those long fishing sessions with its stadium seat EP. Measuring 380x87x47cm and weighing 48kg, it perfectly balances stability and maneuverability.

And with a generous loading capacity of 250kgs, it accommodates all your equipment without compromising performance.

Additionally, the 12.5 ft single pedal kayak for fishing is built to withstand the elements, with its ANTI-UV rating of 8, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection against harmful sun rays.

Thus, contact us today and order it.

pedal kayak for fishing

pedal kayak for fishing

pedal kayak for fishing





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