VK-03 BAIKAL: 12.9 ft Double Seat Fishing kayak

Experience the VK-03 BAIKAL, a versatile 12.9 ft double seat fishing kayak perfect for anglers & leisure paddlers. Discover unmatched stability & comfort on the water.


Embark on an exciting journey with the VK-03 BAIKAL, a 12.9 ft double seat fishing kayak that effortlessly combines the thrill of fishing with the joy of recreational paddling. Designed to deliver a swift and agile tandem paddling experience, this versatile kayak boasts superior stability and comfort, making it a pleasure for both anglers and leisure seekers.

Key Features:

  • Dual Paddles for smooth navigation and maneuvering
  • Two Deluxe Seats offering unrivaled comfort for extended outings
  • Pair of Fishing Rod Holders for easy access to your fishing equipment
  • Eight Scupper Plugs and a single Drain Plug to effectively manage water flow
  • Two Plastic Handles for hassle-free transportation and handling
  • The duo of Flush Rod Holders for added fishing rod accommodation
  • Twin Round Hatches to securely store your belongings
  • Black Bungee for reliable cargo management
  • Two Paddle Packings to protect and store your paddles


The VK-03 BAIKAL double seat fishing kayak offers exceptional value for you catering to both fishing enthusiasts and recreational kayakers. And it is a high-quality, multi-purpose kayak designed for unforgettable aquatic experiences. So contact us right now.

vk 03 baikal

vk 03 baikal

vk 03 baikal

Stripes, solid colors, mixed colors, more than 100 colors to choose from



Hull Weight

28 kgs (62 lbs)

Weight Capacity

235 kgs (518 lbs)

G.W Weight

35 kgs (77 lbs)




3 years Limited Warranty




Fishing, Surfing, Cruising

Loading Rate

20ft: 27 pcs 40HQ: 96 pcs

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