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VK-03 BAIKAL: 12.9 ft Double Seat Fishing kayak

VK-03 BAIKAL: 12.9 ft Double Seat Fishing kayak

Experience the VK-03 BAIKAL, a versatile 12.9 ft double seat fishing kayak perfect for anglers & leisure paddlers. Discover unmatched stability & comfort on the water.

Product Detail


Embark on an exciting journey with the VK-03 BAIKAL, a 12.9 ft double seat fishing kayak that effortlessly combines the thrill of fishing with the joy of recreational paddling. Designed to deliver a swift and agile tandem paddling experience, this versatile kayak boasts superior stability and comfort, making it a pleasure for both anglers and leisure seekers.

Key Features:

  • Dual Paddles for smooth navigation and maneuvering
  • Two Deluxe Seats offering unrivaled comfort for extended outings
  • Pair of Fishing Rod Holders for easy access to your fishing equipment
  • Eight Scupper Plugs and a single Drain Plug to effectively manage water flow
  • Two Plastic Handles for hassle-free transportation and handling
  • The duo of Flush Rod Holders for added fishing rod accommodation
  • Twin Round Hatches to securely store your belongings
  • Black Bungee for reliable cargo management
  • Two Paddle Packings to protect and store your paddles


The VK-03 BAIKAL double seat fishing kayak offers exceptional value for you catering to both fishing enthusiasts and recreational kayakers. And it is a high-quality, multi-purpose kayak designed for unforgettable aquatic experiences. So contact us right now.

vk 03 baikal

vk 03 baikal

vk 03 baikal

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