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Plastic Pipe Floats Trash Buoy Pipeline Floating Barrier Dredging Pipeline

Plastic Pipe Floats Trash Buoy Pipeline Floating Barrier Dredging Pipeline

Technological advantages

1.Materials green
Using very low density polyethylene primary color material as the main material of the buoy, rotomolding once formed, without sandblasting and painting process. And the material can be recycled,green environmental protection
2.The floating body is strong and durable
The interior of the floating bodv is filled with water-closed foam material, the water absorption rate is very low, when the floating body crashes, it does not affect the normal work of the floating body, so that he floating body is more solid and durable
3.Strong impact resistance
The polyethylene floating shell is subjected to high altitude drop test and low temperature resistance test, The main body of the shell is damaged, which does not affect the normal use and has strong impact resistance

Product Detail

Key attributes

Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Product Name:Pipe floater
Warranty:12 Months

Marine Trash Barrier/ Floating Barrier Buoy

The pollution containment device is divided into multiple forms of double-cylinder type andsingle-cylinder type. The polyething body is combined with the pollution containmentnet and is set at the front of the hydropNer station to intercept most of the floating objects inadvance to prevent the dirt from entering the water front pool and then entering the unit flow pathaffecting the operation ofthe unit. The power station can operate safely and normally.


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