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HD-02 HOOK: 15 ft Single Light Weight Kayak

HD-02 HOOK: 15 ft Single Light Weight Kayak

Presenting this HD-02 HOOK: 15 ft single light weight kayak, offering durability, comfort, and versatility for various kayaking adventures.

Product Detail

Our HD-02 HOOK light weight kayak features an adjustable seat with dry tech for added comfort during long paddling sessions. Safety is a top priority, so we’ve incorporated self-rescue safety straps and a high-visibility deck safety line to ensure a secure kayaking experience.

Storage is easy with two sealed storage hatches, plus one day hatch and bulkheads. Additionally, the kayak is equipped with a rudder or skeg system for improved maneuverability and control.

One of the key advantages of the kayak is the Storm 15’s multi-chine hull design, which enables it to excel in various conditions. It is ideal for paddlers who want a lightweight option, weighing just 49 lbs, without sacrificing performance or durability.

Whether planning a long or short trip across the bay, the Storm 15 offers exceptional stability, easy packability, and remarkable seaworthiness.

Furthermore, constructed using thermoformed ABS or ultralight materials, the HD-02 HOOK lasts for years, making it your go-to choice for kayaking adventures.

Thus, choose our light weight kayak for your wholesale needs and offer a kayak that delivers unmatched performance, safety, and convenience. Experience our difference today.


vk 2 hook: 15 ft single light weight touring sea kayak



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