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Durable LLDPE channel floating barrier plastic pipeline buoy

Durable LLDPE channel floating barrier plastic pipeline buoy

UV-stabilised polyethylene, and can be secured around pipes, hoses and cables for use in dredging or other marine environments
such as dredging. Using Rotomoulded polyethylene material, the pipe floats are now available with a set of easy assemble tools of
bolts and nuts. Also available with stainless steel bolts and nuts, easy usage yet remarkably strong and corrosion free.and is
stackable for storage or within a shipping container for economical transportation. Internal diameters range from 30mm up to
1100mm and are suitable for cable, hose and pipe.

Product Detail

Key attributes

Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Product Name:Pipe floater
Warranty:12 Months
Warning lifting

Environmental protection material:

The lifting float is made of new food grade polyethylene material by rolling molding process. It is filled with water-closed foam, which plays a protective role.

Product advantages:
high shell strength, strong toughness, light weight, low inertia, can be quickly shifted after impact, resolve the impact force, float corrosion resistance, high chemical stability, and will not pollute the water source.

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