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HD-01 WIND: 16 ft zeekajak

HD-01 WIND: 16 ft zeekajak

Discover the HD-01 WIND: 16 ft sea kayak by Vicking Kayak, designed with a single sit-in configuration, offering comfort and functionality for paddlers.


Our 16 ft sea kayak boasts a loading capacity of 250kgs and a lightweight design, weighing only 20.5kg. And with dimensions of 484x57x36.8 cm and an ANTI-UV rating of 8, it ensures durability and protection against the elements.

The kayak’s standard parts package includes a paddle leash, a drain cover, three oval hatches, a foam backrest, a rudder system, a black bungee, and two footrests. Also, its extra accessories available are a paddle and a spray skirt for added convenience and versatility.

Our HD-01 WIND is meticulously packed using a three-layer packaging system that includes a bubble bag, carton sheet, and plastic bag to ensure maximum protection during transportation. With a gross weight of 23.5kg and a net weight of 20.5kg, the package size is 486x59x39 cm, allowing for efficient container loading with 32 pieces per 20′ GP and 96 pieces per 40′ HQ.

Additionally, this 16 ft sea kayak excels in key performance areas, earning a four-star rating for stability, one star for fishing, and five stars for speed, security, maneuverability, and leisure. With the HD-01 WIND, you will enjoy a top-of-the-line kayaking experience emphasizing performance and enjoyment.

Hence, choose our kayak for your wholesale needs and offer a high-quality, performance-driven kayak that will elevate time on the water.


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