VK-40 HARMAN: 12,8 piedi miglior cambio di sistema a due pedali per kayak


1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable Adjustable Aluminum Frame Seat, 1 Pedal Drive or 1pc Flap Pedal, 1 Adjustable Rod Holder, 1 Handle, 1 Triangular Hatch, 6 Flush Rod Holders, 1 Black Bungee, 12 Waterproof Plugs, 1 Rudder System, 1 Drain Cover, 1 Cup Place, 6 Aluminum Rail, 1 Fish Finder Hole, 4 Skid-proof Foot Pad


Harman is a pedal kayak with 3 interchangeable systems (Propeller pedal, Fins Pedal, and Belt pedal) that is designed from the water up to provide you with top performance without requiring a lot of maintenance. This one focuses on three key factors: power, propulsion, and steering. The deck offers unbelievable stability for sitting or standing. The front and rear both provide impeccable storage space to haul all of your gear. We’ve also included  H tracks for you to easily attach your accessories and customize your kayak the way you want. A motor can be mounted in the front, allowing you to move freely through the water, and the up and down movement of the rudder allows you to steer quickly. Harman is packed with efficiency, comfort, and versatility that will make adventures more convenient for any water enthusiast!


vk 40 harman: il miglior cambio di sistema a due pedali per kayak da 12,8 piedi Specifiche:

■ SIZE: 390x92x38cm CM
■ HULL WEIGHT: 43 kgs (94.6 lbs)
■ CAPACITÀ DI PESO: 250 kg (550 libbre)
■ PESO GW: 50 kg (110 libbre)
■ ANTI-UV: 8
■ Utilizzo: pesca, surf, crociera
■ 20 piedi: 22 pezzi 40HQ: 68 pezzi


Righe, tinte unite, colori misti, più di 100 colori tra cui scegliere

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