Sedile Stadium per Kayak, A05

Discover this A05 stadium seat A, a remarkable stadium seat for kayak, aiming to offer a cozy and supportive seating solution during aquatic excursions.

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Featuring robust aluminum construction, our stadium seat for kayak not only offers durability but also ensures longevity, allowing you to reap its benefits for countless adventures. Its chic black hue seamlessly pairs with any kayak design, adding a touch of sophistication.

Besides, fastening the A05 stadium seat A to the kayak is a breeze, thanks to the bungee cords at both ends that enable swift installation and removal.

Established in 2012, Vicking Kayak, the reputable manufacturer of this seat, has built a solid reputation in the industry. Our trusted quality inspection team also meticulously assesses each seat, ensuring you are delighted with a product surpassing your expectations.

Thus, opting to provide our extraordinary stadium seat for kayaks carefully designed to provide unparalleled stability. It is an essential accessory for kayakers of all abilities.


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