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VK-35 FOX: 9,4 ft Single Flap Il kayak a pedali più veloce

VK-35 FOX: 9,4 ft Single Flap Il kayak a pedali più veloce


8 Scupper Plugs, 1 Drain Plug, 4 Plastic Handles, 4 Flush Rod Holders, 1 Round Hatch, 1 Triangular Hatch, 2 H-Track, 1 Black Bungee, 2 Paddle Parking, 1 Fish Finder Hole, 1 Full Rudder System, 1 Paddle, 1 Comfortable Aluminum Frame Seat, 1 Flap Pedal

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Economic fastest pedal kayak so that beginners can quickly feel the kayak fast in the water and effortless paddling options. Built-In transducer mounts in the hull so that you can fit your fish finder in the optimal obstruction-free position. The best frame seat, designed for comfort with breathable, mono-mesh, elevated to keep you dry all day.

vk 35 fox sizeSpecifiche:

■ SIZE: 285x85x35 cm
■ HULL WEIGHT: 27 kgs (60 lbs)
CAPACITÀ DI PESO: 150 kg (330 libbre)
■ G.W WEIGHT: 38kgs (83 lbs)
Utilizzo: Pesca, surf, crociera
■ 20ft: 46 pcs 40HQ: 110 pcs


Per molte persone la velocità è essenziale quando si utilizza un kayak a pedali più veloce, ecco perché vendiamo uno dei kayak a pedali più veloci che si possano trovare sul mercato. Andare veloci con un kayak a pedali è un'esperienza così eccitante che molte persone amano farlo spesso. Fortunatamente, l'uso dei kayak a pedali è sicuro anche quando si va alla massima velocità, ma è necessario avere l'esperienza e l'allenamento necessari.

vk 35 fox: 9.4 ft single flap pedal fishing kayak

Pertanto, abbiamo ricercato e confermato che il modello VK-35 Fox è uno dei kayak a pedali più veloci per i principianti che stanno ancora imparando i trucchi e per gli esperti. È possibile utilizzarlo anche come kayak da pesca, per trovare i luoghi in cui spesso si nascondono i banchi di pesci.

Questi kayak a pedali sono inoltre dotati di comode caratteristiche aggiuntive, come portacanne, portacanne a incasso e hanno il design perfetto dello scafo che ogni kayak a pedali stabile per i pescatori di kayak dovrebbe avere.

Where to Buy Pedal Kayaks Built for Speed

When you decide on buying a model, you should check out our website. We are the top distributors of fast pedal kayaks globally.

You can order in bulk numbers to meet your market demand. The demand for fast pedal drive fishing kayak models is rising, so this is the best time to invest and make considerable profits.

Start a chat with us via your customer contact form and we will provide all the information you need to buy these fast pedal kayaks.

Choosing the Best Pedal Kayaks

vk 35 fox: 9.4 ft single flap pedal fishing kayak

Everyone interested in enjoying the rush of adrenaline and speed when using a fast pedal kayak should know the following tips to make a good choice.

Check the Control Features

You should be able to use the pedal kayak without stress, these paddle kayaks must have seamless control features that allow you move freely in the direction you want. Since the pedal kayak is also great for cruising, you should ensure you can control the speed to the tempo you are comfortable with. The fishing pedal kayaks should also be silent, if you plan to use them for fishing often. Therefore, the control systems should be reasonably quiet.

You can reading the product description on the web page.

Stability Assessment

Several features help keep a fas paddle kayak stable, these include the hull design and the kayaks’s length. You should ensure the pedal drive fishing kayaks you want to buy have a well-built hull that keeps the small boat stable.

Seating Provisions

It is essential to use a fast pedal fishing kayak that has comfortable seats. This is a great choice because you may be using it for many hours, so you should feel comfortable. The seat should have a solid frame and support your weight.

We have made the selection process for buyers so easy by providing the best and fastest pedal kayak on the market. This model is super efficient and the reviews are outstanding.

Product Review – VK-35 Fox

Il VK-35 Fox è uno dei kayak a pedali più affidabili e veloci, con un sistema di propulsione a pedali e una stabilità perfetti. Questo kayak a pedali di alta qualità è disponibile in una varietà di colori ed è facile da usare. I pedali funzionano in modo eccellente sia in acque basse che in acque più profonde. È quindi possibile utilizzare questi kayak stabili per la pesca o per navigare ad alta velocità.

Here are the top features that best describe this pedal drive kayak:


This kayak is not too heavy, which makes it an excellent choice for people who need top pedal kayaks for cruising. It weighs 38 kg, and comes with handles that allow the user carry them from one place to another without stress. Also, the hull weight is 27 kg, which is perfect for rock solid stability.

This kayak can be used by people weighing up to 150 kg, which is pretty impressive and convenient for most adults or younger users.

Construction Material

The pedal drive kayak is made from high-grade HDPE/LLDPE which is perfect for a kayak in salt or fresh water. The material gives the kayak a bright look, and they come in different colors that will not fade.

The materials used to make the kayak also provide anti UV protection, which is rated at level 8.

Functional Features

Built in transducer mounts

You can attach GPS devices or fish finders to the hull of this pedal drive kayak, which is very convenient. The feature allows users leverage innovative gadgets like the wilderness systems radar.

Rotational Pedals

These are the easiest pedals to use when cruising with a kayak, and it helps the user gain speed quickly while maintaining control.

Comfortable Framed Seat

The aluminum framed seats are comfortable and built to last for many years. The elevated seats will keep your upper body away from the splashing water all around.

Full Rudder System

This system works excellently with the flap pedal drive, and it is made from high-quality materials so you will get value for money.

Other features include the scupper plugs, the drain hole and plug, to prevent flooding in the kayak, and there is a round and triangular hatch for storing your items safely. You can also use the fish finder hole when needed, and there is a black bungee to help secure your stuff while gliding over the waves.

Order the VK-35 Fox Today

vk 35 fox: 9.4 ft single flap pedal fishing kayak

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