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Scatola refrigerante bianca da 72 QT

Scatola refrigerante bianca da 72 QT

Presenting Vicking Kayak’s 72QT cooler box, a premium wholesale solution for you seeking a high-quality white cooler box to enhance your kayaking experiences.

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Our white cooler box, identified as item number 68L, features a generous 72QT capacity and is designed with external dimensions of 66.7×48.5×42.5 cm and internal dimensions of 57.7×39.4×31.5 cm.

So it provides ample, secure storage for essential items, keeping them cool and fresh throughout the journey.

Each cooler box is carefully packed using LLDPE or HDPE materials for protection during transportation and ease of handling. The packing includes a carton with a gross weight of 13.5kgs and a net weight of 12.5kgs.

Moreover, the carton size measures 70x50x45 cm, allowing for the efficient loading of 178 pieces per 20′ GP container and 432 pieces per 40′ HQ container.

In short, choose our cooler box for your wholesale needs and provide a top-quality, performance-oriented accessory that complements kayaking adventures.


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