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Kayak d'eau vive

Kayak d'eau vive

Vicking Kayak white water kayak is perfect for you who want to experience the thrill and excitement of navigating through rapids and fast-flowing rivers.

Détail du produit

Our white water kayak measures 261 cm in length, 63 cm in width, and 38 cm in height, with a weight of 20 kg and a maximum capacity of 120 kg. And its ANTLUV rating of 8 ensures a durable and reliable kayak.

Its standard parts include a single 8-inch round hatch, a rotomolded seat, two black handles, and a drain cover for efficient water drainage. Extra accessories, such as a paddle and spray skirt, are also available to enhance your kayaking experience.

For packaging, we use a three-layer system to ensure the white water kayak is securely protected, including a bubble bag, a carton sheet, and a plastic bag. This ensures maximum protection for the kayak during transit and optimizes the container room. And the package weighs 25 kg (gross weight) and 22 kg (net weight), with 1264 x 66 x 41 cm dimensions.

Moreover, this kayak’s performance is exceptional across various categories, earning five stars for stability, speed, security, maneuverability, and leisure. Although it is not primarily designed for fishing, it still earns a one-star rating for the activity.

Thus, choose us as your wholesale supplier for top-quality white water kayaks, and delight in an unbeatable kayaking experience.



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