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KERIO 200 : Kayak gonflable d'eau vive à deux personnes avec plancher à points d'arrêt

KERIO 200 : Kayak gonflable d'eau vive à deux personnes avec plancher à points d'arrêt

Caractéristiques :

2pcs EVA + foam seats, 1pc foot rest, 1pc carry bag, 2pcs paddles, 1pc manual, 1pc hand pump, 1pc repair kit

Détail du produit

Avantage :

Travel kayaks. Whitewater inflatable kayak is perfect for camping, vacationing, exploring remote areas, and cruising yachts. They’re also great for paddling enthusiasts that don’t want to drive around with a kayak on their rooftop! AIRHEAD Travel Kayaks fit easily into the trunk of your car, duffel bag, or suitcase.

kerio 200 : inflatable two person kayak with dropstitch floorSpécifications :

■ SIZE: 385 x 98 x 38cm
■ Material: Extremely Durable and puncture-resistant fabric PVC hull, 1000D 20×20, 0.75mm; Two skegs+ one fin; Drop stitch floor; Two foam seats
■ LOADING CAPACITY: 2 adults, 210kgs (462 lbs)

Many experienced whitewater kayakers will advise new and older users to buy two-person kayaks. These are simply kayaks that can accommodate two people, and they come with several outstanding features that make it so exciting to use these kayaks.

kerio 200 : inflatable two person kayak with dropstitch floor

Also, you should feel safe when using a two person inflatable whitewater kayak. This is why our company has invested a lot of resources to get this inflatable whitewater kayak to the top industry standard. According to many users, the features are excellent, and it even passes their expectations, so we can say these inflatable whitewater kayaks are among the best products you will find on the market.

We have also created excellent marketing and selling structures to allow you to invest in them, buy in bulk and resell to a waiting market. These whitewater inflatable kayaks are bestsellers and can generate impressive income at any time.

How Comfortable are these Kayaks?

They are the best inflatable whitewater kayaks because of features that make them comfortable and safe. For example, the kayaks have premium-designed foam seats. The seats in the inflatable whitewater kayak have been made to last long while serving their purpose. The makers realized many people would be using these products for whitewater kayaking and would be out there exploring the rivers or fishing for long hours. So, it is important to make inflatable kayaks good and comfortable.

The addition of a set of EVA-enhanced foam seats sets these products apart from others on the market, making them the best inflatable whitewater kayak models for anyone who needs a premium kayaking experience.

Where to Buy the Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks

We sell these inflatable whitewater kayaks in bulk, so if you are interested in investing and reaping huge profits from selling these outstanding inflatable whitewater kayaks, check out our website. You can find the product, select the number you want to buy in bulk quantity, and checkout. We have made it easy to buy these inflatable whitewater kayak models, which will be delivered to your location quickly.

If you have any issues with your order, please send us your customer contact form with all the information you have, and we will provide quick assistance to complete the process in minutes. The inflatable kayak brands are among the most talked about products on the market, and they are easy to maintain, so you are assured they are an excellent investment.

How to Spot the Best Inflatable Whitewater Kayaks

There are many ways to spot the best inflatable whitewater kayaks on the market, but we have to say that some of these random brands you will find out there are not entirely truthful about their products. They sell inflatable kayaks designed with low-quality materials and unrealistic promises. You can avoid having a bad experience with these low-placed brands by buying from us directly.

We have written some of the best tips you should follow to find excellently designed inflatable whitewater kayak models on the market. These tips are easy to use, so no worries. You do not need to have experience or know how to use inflatable kayaks first before knowing how to find a good brand on the market.

Whitewater kayaking is such an exciting experience everyone should have, if possible. So, we are delighted to be among the top-rated companies selling the best inflatable kayaks to a wide audience.

kerio 200 : inflatable two person kayak with dropstitch floor

Here are the points to note when looking to buy these inflatable whitewater kayaks:

Inflatable Whitewater Kayak Stability

You should find out how stable the kayak is before you make a purchase. Stability is a crucial factor to consider because it will determine how well you maneuver the kayak and get it through strong currents at any time. The inflatable whitewater kayaks you will buy from us are extremely stable, and this makes them the perfect choice for everyone, even the new and experienced whitewater kayakers.

You can find out more information about the inflatable whitewater kayak’s stability by searching for reviews on the internet. Read through the reviews to know what other users are saying about the kayak and their experiences. Also, you can contact the company’s customer support team for more information about the kayak’s features to know if it qualifies to be described as a stable kayak. We also know most reputable brands test their kayaks properly to ensure they are stable when used for whitewater kayaking or other kayaking activities like whitewater paddling.


Kayaks are not the cheapest products out there, but they are essential for people who want to experience marine life and the outdoors like never before. This is why it is best to buy inflatable kayaks that will provide top value for your money.

To simply put, you need to be sure you are about to buy the best inflatable kayaks that will last for many years. This is the best way to save money while you continue to have an outstanding experience while whitewater kayaking during the kayaking season.

You should choose inflatable kayaks that come with durable protection, such as strong, high-quality PVC straps, durable seats, and a stable platform. The paddles should also be the best quality, and the carry-on bag should have features that ensure your staff remains protected from water and moisture while you are using the inflatable kayak.

You can also determine the product’s durability by searching online to view reviews other users have written about the kayak and how it works. The best inflatable whitewater kayak should have mixed reviews because not everyone will have the same opinion. However, the majority of reviews should indicate it is a durable inflatable kayak that is worth your investment and time.


Kayaking is a fun experience, which is why many people will not hesitate to blow up whitewater kayaks and head out to the lakes to start exploring and experiencing the whitewater rapids. However, comfort is essential, as we have mentioned above. You need to be comfortable while using the hardshell kayaks for long hours. We can also say one of the most prominent indicators that a product is the best inflatable kayak is the comfort it provides.

Well Positioned Drain Holes

While you are using the whitewater inflatable kayaks, some water will get into the small boat, and you will need to drain it all away. You can do this easily if the drain hole is properly positioned and within reach because they are self-bailing holes you can uncover when using the kayak. With a flip, you can unclog the self-bailing holes to let the water run away, leaving you safe in the whitewater kayak. The best inflatable kayak brands come with functional drain holes that make whitewater rafting safer.

Loading Capacity

Another important feature you should check when you are looking to buy a two-person whitewater kayak is the loading capacity. You need to be sure the two people who plan to use the kayak are safe. This information is evident from the loading capacity. It reveals the total weight capacity of the product, and it is best to never exceed this weight capacity when using inflatable whitewater kayaks.

You will be at risk of being thrown into the river if your and your partner’s weight exceeds the limit which the kayak manufacturers recommend. These are safety protocols that can make the whitewater kayaking experience pleasurable without risks.

You can find information about the loading capacity of your preferred kayak by looking at the product page on the internet. You will see a list of its specifications, including the weight limits for all users. On the other hand, you can call the company or send a message online to find out more information about the loading capacity. We have made the process of finding product information easy, all you have to do is send us your customer contact form, and we will respond with all the information you need about the kayak for whitewater paddling.


It is essential to use the best inflatable whitewater kayaks you can easily maneuver. These kayaks should not be too heavy but sturdy and made from high-quality materials, making them easy to maneuver through strong currents or on whitewater. The whitewater kayaking experience usually involves maneuvering the kayak down a river with a high current, using the paddles and experience to ensure the kayak stays on course. Therefore, it is essential to buy a product you can easily control, whether the river conditions change without warning.

Product Specifications

The best inflatable kayaks for two people can be found on our site. We have also revealed the product specifications in this post for the benefit of those who know what they are looking for at a glance. The kayaks are sturdy and beautiful to look at. They will surely become one of your prized possessions and investment over time.

The following are essential specifications of the Kerio 200. It is the best inflatable kayak we have in stock:

Kerio 200 – Loading Capacity

The manufacturers have designed these kayaks to have the perfect loading capacity, making them suitable for two adults. The loading capacity of these kayaks is 210 kg, which is equivalent to 462 lbs. It is best to use inflatable kayaks that have been designed to accommodate two adults. This is an added assurance the kayak will be safe for all users and last longer.

Also, new users will have an excellent opportunity to practice their kayaking skills with the whitewater kayak. The loading capacity can be adjusted for all bulk buyers who need special features to meet their market demand. So, feel free to indicate your preferences when you send us your customer contact form to order our whitewater kayak.


The production team has used only the best grade of materials to make this whitewater kayak. The inflatable kayak fabric is tough, puncture-proof, and will last for many years. It can also be branded and will not fade easily.

The high-quality materials are sourced from reputable companies to ensure the inflatable kayaks remain at the top of the preference list for many bulk buyers and final users.

The material grade used to produce these kayaks makes them suitable for paddle boarding on class iv rapids, whitewater kayaking routes, and class ii rapids. They also qualify for use when maneuvering class iii rapids. You can safely use them on all class iv whitewater routes.

PVC Hull

The hull design is excellent. It is made from high-quality PVC, which will not break apart or be punctured easily. This helps the user maintain stability while navigating the kayak during overnight trips on flat water or against advanced elements out there.

Drop Stitch Floor

The drop stitch floor is an innovative design that gives the kayak floor its firmness after you have inflated the kayak. It is essential to use inflatable kayaks with an excellently designed drop stitch floor that can support your weight and the other occupant. The drop stitch floor of the Kerio 200 has gone through a series of tests making it reliable and perfect for whitewater inflatable kayaks.

While the drop stitch floor is firm, it does not add to the kayak’s weight, which is great for stability, and the user can feel safer.

Skegs and Fins

The skegs and fins on this kayak help keep the kayak balanced while maintaining its speed. The whitewater inflatable kayak comes with one fin and two skegs, so it is easier to maneuver even at a reasonable gliding speed.

Kayak Size

The dimensions of this kayak are impressive. The kayak measures 385 x 98 x 38 cm. This is perfect for a whitewater kayak built to accommodate two adults. The kayak’s size also makes it easier to store them in a shed and move the kayak from one location to another when necessary.

Order This Whitewater Inflatable Kayak in Bulk

kerio 200 : inflatable two person kayak with dropstitch floor

You can place an order for a bunch of these bestsellers now. Send us your customer contact form to get started. Delivery is fast, and they are always available for your next purchase, which will be soon because these kayaks sell out fast.


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