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High Back Kayak Seat, A03

High Back Kayak Seat, A03

Meet our A03-high seat, an extraordinary high back kayak seat designed specifically for the ultimate comfort and support while on kayaking adventures.

Détail du produit

This high back kayak seat, which comes in a stylish black hue, is the ideal accent to any kayak design and adds some flare to your gear.

Fastening the seat to your kayak has never been simpler, thanks to the bungee cords on both ends. There will be no more stumbling through challenging installs; instead, installation and removal will always be simple.

The A03-high seat, which was expertly made with precision, offers kayaking enthusiasts of all skill levels unmatched stability.

You can believe in the quality of this product since Vicking Kayak has a shown track record since its creation in 2012 as a pioneer in designing, producing, marketing, and maintaining a variety of rotomolded items, including kayaks, ice cooler boxes, and more.

Furthermore, to guarantee that you receive a product that exceeds your expectations, our reliable quality inspection staff meticulously assesses each seat.

Why then wait? Offer a high back kayak seat that combines style, comfort, and convenience of use, as well as the amazing A03-high seat. Utilize this chance to elevate kayaking experiences to new heights.



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