VK-19 TEEN: 7.9 ft Youth Sit On Top Kayak


1 pagaie, 1 siège de luxe, 1 porte-canne à pêche, 6 bouchons de dalot, 1 bouchon de vidange, 1 poignée en plastique, 2 porte-cannes affleurants, 2 trappes rondes, 1 élastique noir

Modèle: VK-19 ADOLESCENT Catégories , ,


This is a smaller version of our best-in-class Explorer single-seat youth sit on top kayak. It has been designed, by popular demand, for those who want the performance of the Explorer in a smaller, lighter package. It is sized for ladies and teens.
Il convient à une utilisation sur les lacs, les rivières et la mer. Il est parfait pour les débutants et les utilisateurs plus expérimentés.

vk 19 taille adolescent Spécifications :

■ TAILLE : 240x72x31 CM
■ POIDS DE LA COQUE : 18 kg (40 lb)
■ CAPACITÉ DE POIDS : 150 kg (330 lb)
■ POIDS GW : 23 kg (51 lb)
■ ANTI UV : 8
■ Utilisation : pêche, surf, croisière
■ 20 pieds : 63 pièces 40HQ : 145 pièces

What to Consider When Choosing a Youth Sit on Top Kayak

Weight Limit:
It’s crucial to check the weight capacity of a kids’ kayak, ensure that the combined weight of the child and their gear does not exceed the limit.

Packed Size and Weight:
If you opt for a hard-sided kayak, you will need to have a roof rack and storage space. However, kids’ kayaks are shorter than adult kayaks and can fit on smaller vehicles. Make sure the kayak is a good fit for the child if they are expected to carry it.

Wider kayaks provide better stability and are less likely to tip over. Kids’ kayaks may be narrower than adult kayaks, but a wider option can be a safer choice.

Tow System:
Some kids’ kayaks come with a leash towing system that can be attached to an adult kayak. This feature can be useful if the child gets tired during a paddling trip.

Swim-Up Deck:
There are kids’ kayaks with low decks that can be used for swimming. These models also come with handholds, which can be convenient for young children.

Tracking refers to a kayak’s ability to stay in a straight line. While it may not be a priority for most kids, good tracking is important if paddling as a family with a destination in mind. Inflatable kayaks generally have poor tracking, but a removable skeg (fin) on the bottom can improve it.

Our 7.9 ft youth sit on top kayak is designed specifically for young anglers. With a weight capacity of 330lbs, this kayak is perfect for kids and teenagers who want to explore the waters while fishing. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver and handle, while still providing ample storage space for fishing gear and personal items. The sit on top design ensures a comfortable and stable ride, allowing young anglers to focus on their fishing experience without any distractions. Whether exploring calm lakes or mild rivers, this kayak is sure to provide a fun and safe outdoor adventure for kids and teens.


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