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Soporte de teléfono para kayak, A63

Soporte de teléfono para kayak, A63

Our A63 DIY MOUNTING PANEL is a must-have accessory for every kayaker, an exemplary phone holder for kayak, designed to elevate your water-bound experiences.

Detalle del producto

Cast in an attractive black hue, this A63 phone holder for kayak seamlessly integrates with your kayak, adding a touch of modernity and functionality.

Crafted for convenience, it secures your phone, keeping it accessible and safe throughout your adventure.

Now, you can capture those breathtaking views, navigate your route, or stay connected, all without worrying about the safety of your device.

A highlight of our A63 DIY MOUNTING PANEL is its DIY feature. It offers flexibility and customization, allowing you to fit it to your comfort and kayak design. This makes it a versatile choice for various kayak models.

Further, the robust construction ensures its durability against the harsh marine environment, offering a long-lasting solution for your phone-holding needs. Whether a calm lake or a turbulent river, this mount is designed to secure your phone in all conditions.

In conclusion, the A63 DIY MOUNTING PANEL is more than just a phone holder for kayak; it is a tool that bridges the gap between technology and nature, making the kayaking experience more enjoyable and worry-free. So contact us today!


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