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70L Kayak Crate

70L Kayak Crate

Presenting our 70L functional and stylish blue kayak crate, designed with kayaking enthusiasts in mind, catering to your various storage need.

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Crafted from durable and long-lasting materials, our blue kayak crate is designed to withstand harsh handling and inclement weather conditions.

Kayakers looking for a reliable and spacious gear storage solution will find our 70L tool box indispensable. And its sturdy construction and generous size allow it to accommodate paddles, life jackets, and fishing equipment easily.

At Vicking Kayak, we have been committed to continuously developing new products, expanding our product lines, and creating a trustworthy quality inspection team since 2012. As a result, you can expect our blue kayak crate to meet the high standards you require.

Hence, choose our 70L tool box for your wholesale business, and provide kayakers with a practical and stylish storage option that enhances their paddling experience.



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