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VK-12 ROMANCE: 14.1 ft Double Propeller Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak

VK-12 ROMANCE: 14.1 ft Double Propeller Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak


2 Paddles, 2 Comfortable Adjustable Aluminum Frame Seats, 2 Propeller Pedal, 8 Scupper Plugs, 1 Drain Plug, 2 Plastic Handles, 3 Flush Rod Holders, 2 Round Hatches, 1 Oval Hatch, 8 H-Trackz1 Full Rudder System, 2 Paddle Packing, 2 Cup Holes

Product Detail


Retaining the comfortability and quality of the tried and true VICKING tandem kayak, while adding the speed and power of two pedal drive systems will render the ability to travel even farther and faster on the water. This kayak features two aluminum-frame seats, includes two paddles and pedal drives, and comes in multiple stylish colors.

vk 12 romanceSpecs:

■ SIZE: 430x83x40 CM
■ HULL WEIGHT: 48 kgs (106 lbs)
■ WEIGHT CAPACITY: 300kgs (661 lbs)
■ G.W WEIGHT: 78 kgs (172 lbs)
■ ANTI-UV: 8
■ Usage: Fishing, Surfing, Cruising
■ 20ft: 18 pcs 40HQ: 48 pcs

These sit-on-top kayak models are excellent for kayak anglers and have features to accommodate accessories like a fishing rod or the user’s personal belongings. The tandem pedal fishing kayak is a larger model that can accommodate two people without any problems. The tandem pedal kayak is excellent for couples who want to spend some time exploring the outdoors or fishing.


These tandem pedal fishing kayaks have become one of the best sellers on the pedal kayak market because they are excellent for all users, regardless of experience. Beginners can learn how to navigate these pedal kayaks after a few hours of practice, and the instructor can go along to give further guidance. But there are other reasons people are buying these tandem pedal kayaks. Many people describe them as the best tandem pedal kayaks because they can accommodate two people and are stable.

Also, according to multiple tandem fishing kayak reviews, these are the best tandem pedal kayaks with versatile features, making them effective for use as an ocean kayak or fishing in shallow areas.

Where to Buy Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayaks

Before making a purchase, you need to be sure the tandem fishing kayaks you want to buy can work as effectively as the end users expect. You can avoid horrific experiences by bulk-purchasing these pedal kayaks from our company. We are an established supplier of tandem fishing kayaks wholesale, and our business experience sets us apart from the competition.

Buying these tandem pedal kayaks from us ensures customer satisfaction and the best value for your money. Our tandem pedal fishing kayak models stand out from others, and you can order in bulk quickly. We also provide options like customization features and scaling your wholesale purchase to meet your changing market demand. Everything happens via our website once you send us your customer contact form. We will reply and help you complete the process through proper guidance.

Buying Guide for Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak


There are many things to look for when you are ordering these pedal kayaks for anglers. These are factors that can help you make the best tandem pedal kayak purchases to meet your market demands. It is essential to consider the following factors as a buying guide because they can make you sell off your pedal kayaks faster.

The customers have varying needs when they visit your website or shop to buy a tandem fishing kayak. Many of these customers have researched online before visiting your shop. So, it is best if you already have the tandem pedal kayaks that come with the features customers like to use often when fishing with kayaks.

Here are some of the best factors you should use as a buying guide to make an excellent buying decision for your target market:

Kayak Length

On average, the tandem kayaks for people interested in fishing with them or exploring the outdoors should measure up to 14 feet. This is an ideal length that ensures you can get the space needed to keep fishing rods and other equipment kayak anglers often need to use when they are out there in the lake or river.

You can find information about the kayak length on the product page. You will notice there are different products with varying lengths. The variance in length is because many people may only need the kayak for exercise, yoga, or surfing shallow waters. But, if you need tandem kayaks for a target market that likes to go fishing, you should choose a model that is at least 14 feet long.

Product Packaging

Tandem pedal fishing kayaks have different features, such as the fishing rod holders, hatches, plastic handles, propeller systems, and adjustable seats, to mention a few of them. These features must function properly to enable the user to get maximum satisfaction while using the kayaks. Therefore, you should ensure the company you are buying the pedal kayak models from has a good logistics and dispatch system.

Having a proper dispatch system means they will package and send the product to your location without any damage. The company achieves that by properly packaging the tandem kayak. The most ideal material for packaging the tandem kayaks is carton and nylon material. There is also padding to protect many features from damage while they are in transit to your location.

It is essential to buy tandem pedal kayaks from a company that packages them properly before dispatch to your location because that can prevent damage while in transit. Proper packaging also reduces the chances of returns after receiving the products, which can cause delays, especially when you have received pre-orders from your customers. Also, proper packaging is best for improving the all-around customer experience, which should be your target when selling these tandem pedal kayak models.

Check the Kayak’s Features

The best tandem pedal fishing kayaks should have particular features that enable the end users to enjoy these products. Some features are quite basic and should exist on all good kayaks. For example, comfortable seats and flush mounted rod holders are a must on kayaks. Also, the hatches should have enough storage space for your property. It is always best to have a kayak with hand controlled rudder, or automated versions, instant reverse pedal drive, bow hatch, and compatibility with a trolling motor.

You can view these product features on our company’s website. These are assurances that the tandem fishing kayaks you buy will work perfectly for your target market.

Ease of Use

It is best to buy the tandem kayak models for fishing that anyone can use without stress. These products should have simple features that allow beginners to start their kayaking experience without any issues. You can check the kayak model to ensure they are compatible with modern kayaking equipment that can enhance the user’s overall experience when using the fishing kayaks.

When you sell products with easy to use features, beginners will not find it difficult to move the small boat forward. And, when they do not have to worry about the complex operating systems the users will be much happier because landing fish won’t be stressful.

Product Warranty

Companies that sell the tandem pedal kayak in bulk will be willing to give you a fair deal on wholesale purchases because they are confident in their products. When you buy from us, you have a guarantee of the best customer experience. We also provide a product warranty to ensure you have peace of mind after making a purchase from our company.

Customer Service

Buying the tandem pedal kayak from a company that provides excellent customer service is another excellent idea. This means you can get all the information you need about the product before making a purchase. Also, good customer service is a guarantee that the company will ship out your pedal kayaks quickly, so it arrives at your location at the agreed time.

Product Features for VK-12 Romance Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak


The VK-12 Romance model is one of the fastest selling pedal drive fishing kayaks you will find on the market, and it is our top recommendation to all kayak anglers. These kayaks come with many excellent features which make them safe, fun to use, and durable. The kayaks are also affordable when you buy them in bulk, and you can get the best prices from us.

Using the VK-12 Romance pedal kayak is going to be the best experience for both experts and beginners because of its features. And the pedal kayak has an attractive physical appearance. The colors are bright and eye-catchy, and that makes them stand out on the beach.

Here are the top features that make this pedal kayak models the best choice for people who would like to go fishing in pairs.

Kayak Length

This tandem pedal kayak for fishing measures 14.1 feet. This is an ideal length for a pedal kayak because it provides storage space for all the user’s fishing gear and their comfort. The length of this kayak has also allowed the manufacturers to add particular features that make using them seamless and safer.

Double Propeller System

This kayak comes with a two propeller pedal which allows the users to gain speed and control their navigation when using a trolling motor to find fish in the water. The double propeller system is easy to use, and it allows the two people on the kayak to work together. While one person is resting or using other fishing gadgets to locate a good spot, the other can be using the pedal to keep the kayak gliding smoothly over the water’s surface.

The double propeller system on this kayak is the best grade. It is effective, high quality, and comes with other high-grade parts that make the propeller system reliable.

Excellent Hull Design

The manufacturers have designed the hull of this tandem fishing kayak to make it stable and balanced on the water. The hull design also allows the user to gain speed while navigating the waters. It is an essential feature of the tandem pedal kayak recommended for beginners and other users who have experience.

The hull weight capacity of this tandem kayak model is 106 lbs. which gives the kayak excellent stability on the water. Therefore, the user has fewer worries about navigating the water when they hit a strong current while fishing.

Kayak Weight Capacity

This tandem kayak for fishing can accommodate two adults without any issues because of its weight capacity. The manufacturers have designed this tandem kayak to accommodate users weighing up to 661 lbs. This is an impressive weight capacity, which also means the users can go about landing fish and have enough weight allowance to keep what they catch while fishing.

Also, the weight capacity means the users can carry along more fishing gear to make their kayaking experience even better. The tandem pedal kayak is designed to be very stable, and within the weight capacity, so it is best to avoid overloading the kayak while in use.

Durable Physical Design

The tandem pedal fishing kayaks have an excellent physical design. The body is made of high-grade LLDPE/HDPE material, which can last for many years. The design keeps the kayak protected from scratches, and that preserves its beautiful appearance.

In addition to being scratch resistant, the tough material also helps improve the kayak’s buoyancy when it is in use. The material also puts this tandem pedal fishing kayak model in the Anti-UV 8 category, which makes them excellent for use in the summer heat.

High-Quality Pedal Drive System

The pedal drive on this tandem pedal fishing kayak is built to last for many years. The system features an instant reverse pedal drive which is convenient to use and recommended for people who need to go fishing in larger areas. The easy navigation with this pedal drive system enhances the user experience significantly. Also, the system makes these models excellent for fishing, cruising, or surfing.

Multiple Kayak Functional Features

There are many features that make it so easy to use these tandem pedal kayaks for fishing. These include the two plastic handles, three flush rod holders, two round hatches, a complete rudder system, comfortable aluminum frame seats, and cup holders that the makers have positioned in the best places for user convenience.

In addition, the kayak has space for two paddles and is compatible with the latest designs of trolling motors.

Easy Maintenance

These tandem pedal fishing kayak models are fast selling because they are easy to maintain. The user only needs to ensure no parts are broken or damaged, replace broken parts quickly, and keep the kayak clean. They also need to store them properly when not in use.

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Investing in these tandem pedal fishing kayaks is a great idea. You will enjoy the gains from a fast-selling stock and impressive profits. You can order any number of these products today by sending us your customer contact form to get started.


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