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VK-02 PALADIN: 9.8 ft Kayak Sit on Top

VK-02 PALADIN: 9.8 ft Kayak Sit on Top

Discover VK-02 PALADIN: the ultimate 9.8 ft kayak sit on top for adventurers. Speed, stability, and comfort for every journey.


Product Detail


Experience the perfect balance of speed, stability, and comfort with the VK-02 PALADIN, a 9.8 ft kayak sit on top designed for the most ambitious adventurers. This high-performance kayak is perfect for those looking to cover water quickly and efficiently while still enjoying a stable and comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  • 1 Paddle for smooth and efficient navigation
  • 1 Comfortable Aluminum Frame Seat for all-day support
  • 1 Fishing Rod Holder to keep your gear secure
  • 8 Scupper Plugs for efficient self-draining
  • 1 Drain Plug for easy water removal
  • 1 Plastic Handle for convenient transport
  • 4 Flush Rod Holders for versatile gear storage
  • 1 Square Hatch and 1 Triangular Hatch for ample storage space
  • 1 Black Bungee for secure cargo management
  • 1 Paddle Packing to protect your paddle during transport
  • 1 Fish Finder Hole for easy fish-finding device integration
  • 2 H-Track systems for customizable accessory mounting
  • 2 Foot Rests for ergonomic paddling comfort


The 9.8 ft VK-02 PALADIN kayak sit on top is the pro adventurer’s choice for speed and stability, representing a new level of performance in kayak design. Featuring a sharp shape in the front, it effortlessly cuts through choppy water, ensuring a smooth ride even in challenging conditions.

Equipped with 2pcs aluminum rail for the fishing rod holder, this kayak is perfect for anglers who need a fast and reliable watercraft. And at 9.8 feet long and with a slightly pronounced spine, it offers superior tracking and makes every paddle stroke as efficient as possible, allowing you to reach your next destination with barracuda-like speed.

Whether anglers are exploring new waters or pursuing their next big catch, the VK-02 PALADIN is the ultimate kayak sit on top for discerning adventurers. Equip your wholesale inventory with this exceptional watercraft to meet the demands of serious outdoor enthusiasts.

vk 02 paladin

vk 02 paladin

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