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Elevate your storage solutions with this A73 SUP WALL STORAGE, a kayak wall rack, an ideal choice for you looking to offer innovative, space-saving solutions.

Product Detail

This folding kayak wall rack helps you to store a kayak, canoe or surfboards. This is a great item to keep your kayak off the ground and to free up some floor space and is suitable for a SOT (sit on top) kayak, sea kayak, canoe, SUP (stand up paddle) boards, surfboards, etc.

The bars are made from steel and welded together for a strong, durable design and we put padding around the bars where the kayak is likely to rest on the bars to help protect the kayak from scratches.

The kayak wall rack should be big enough to hold one kayak or a couple of surfboards and is often bought to hold an SUP (stand up paddle) board.

Only the brackets are mounted to the wall, allowing the rack bars to be folded flat against the wall when not in use. The wall bracket has a spring pin which keeps the bar in place. Simply push the pin to be able to fold the bar towards the wall.

The hooks under the holding bars can be used to store paddles or even a bicycle (depending on the weight of the boat on top and position of the bars).

Comes with wall plugs and screws for the mounting brackets. If you are not a competent DIYer then we recommend hiring someone skilled to mount the brackets to the wall.

Maximum carrying capacity: 75 kg

Please note that the wall rack is only suitable for indoors use; in a shed, garage, or similar place.



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