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Ice Cooler Box, 25QT

Ice Cooler Box, 25QT

Discover our superior 25QT ice cooler box, aiming to enrich the kayaking experience by providing secure and convenient storage for food and drinks.

Product Detail

Featuring a capacity of 25QT, this 24L ice cooler box showcases external dimensions of 51.6×33.6×38.3 cm and internal dimensions of 36.4×21.5×28.3 cm. It is designed for long-lasting performance in various conditions, making it a reliable storage companion for paddlers.

The cooler box is meticulously packed using LLDPE or HDPE materials to ensure safe transportation and ease of handling. And the packaging consists of a carton with a gross weight of 8kgs and a net weight of 7kgs.

Moreover, measuring 55×34.5×40 cm, the carton allows the efficient loading of 336 pieces per 20′ GP container and 812 pieces per 40′ HQ container.

Hence, opt for this 25QT ice cooler box as your wholesale choice, providing a high-quality, performance-driven accessory that enhances kayaking experiences. Embrace the Vicking Kayak difference with our remarkable product.


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