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75QT Pink Cooler Box

75QT Pink Cooler Box

Presenting this eye-catching 75QT pink cooler box, adding a touch of style to your kayaking adventures while offering exceptional functionality.

Product Detail

Our pink cooler box, identified as item number 71L, is a spacious solution for you who need to keep your essentials cool and fresh during your outings. With an external size of 72×46.2×46 cm and an internal size of 58.5×34.3×36 cm, it offers an impressive 75QT storage capacity.

This cooler box is constructed from either LLDPE or HDPE materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

When packed in its carton, which measures 73×46.5×47.5 cm, it has a gross weight of 15.5kgs and a net weight of 14kgs. Besides, this efficient packaging allows for 144 units per 20′ GP container and 360 units per 40′ HQ container.

In conclusion, choose our 75QT pink cooler Box for your wholesale business and provide a fashionable and functional accessory for kayaking trips. It offers a perfect blend of style and practicality that will undoubtedly enhance outdoor experiences.


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