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Best Tandem Kayak For Family

The best tandem kayak for family could be a great experience for your family, no matter the size and dynamics. You should choose the best tandem kayaks when shopping for your family’s vacation. The tandem kayaks should be suitable for your family’s needs.

When choosing tandem kayaks for your family, there are several factors that you should consider, such as the weight of the occupants, functionality, and features of the tandem kayaks, and the type of paddling strokes.

Best Tandem Kayaks For Your Family

One primary aspect that should be prioritized when choosing the best tandem kayak for your family is safe. You must ensure that the tandem kayaks you buy are safe for you and your family, especially if you’re a beginner.

You can ascertain the safety of everyone kayaking by taking up lessons first. This will prepare you for shocks or different circumstances, such as getting sick when kayaking. Moreover, you’ll also be able to avoid making common mistakes when kayaking that can be detrimental to you and your family.

Whether taking a tandem kayak solo or a two-person kayak for a romantic adventure, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Nonetheless, there are lots of options for kayaks that can be used for family activities.

Here are some of the best tandem kayaks for family use:

VK-12 ROMANCE: 14.1 ft Double Propeller Tandem Pedal Fishing Kayak

There are many benefits to getting this tandem kayak including the fact that it’s easily gets a rating of 4 out of 5. This rating is because of the following:

  • One, the tried-and-true VICKING tandem kayak’s comfort and quality will be preserved.
  • By incorporating the speed and power of two pedal drive systems, it will be possible to travel even further and more quickly on the water.
  • Another interesting aspect of the tandem kayak is that it has two seats with aluminum frames, two paddles, and pedal drives. It also comes in a variety of chic colors.
  • Due to their great performance for all users, regardless of skill level, these tandem pedal fishing kayaks have become some of the best sellers on the pedal kayak market. After a few hours of practice, novices can learn how to operate these pedal kayaks, and the teacher can accompany them to provide additional instruction.
  • Since they can hold two people and are sturdy, they are frequently referred to as the greatest tandem pedal kayaks.

This tandem kayak has the following features:

  • Two paddles
  • Two comfortable adjustable Aluminum frame seats
  • Two propeller pedal
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One drain plug
  • Two plastic handles
  • Three flush rod holders
  • Two round hatches
  • One oval hatch
  • Eight H-Trackz1 full rudder system
  • Two daddle packings
  • Two cup holes

However, additional factors contribute to the popularity of these tandem pedal kayaks like the fact hat it comes in a variety of chic colors.

It’d be best if you were sure the tandem fishing kayaks you plan to buy would function as effectively as the intended users anticipate before making a purchase. You can prevent terrible situations by acquiring these pedal kayaks in bulk from our company.

As a reputable wholesaler of tandem fishing kayaks, we stand out from the competitors thanks to our business knowledge.

VK-20 HAPPINESS II: 12.1 ft 2+1 Tandem Kayak

This is a great tandem kayak for family adventures because of the following:

  • It easily gets a rating of 5 because you’ll experience a new level of comfort and support in the most popular family kayak created with our magnificent stadium seats.
  • The higher seating position will relieve pressure on your lower back.
  • The wide, tall seat accommodates individuals of all sizes, and the seat straps can be adjusted so that you can sit upright or in a relaxed lounging position when you want to unwind, enjoy the sun, and spend time on the lake.

This tandem kayak has the following features:

  • Two paddles
  • Two comfortable adjustable Aluminum frame seats
  • Two fishing rod holder
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One drain plug
  • Four plastic handle
  • Two round hatches
  • Two H-Track
  • Four flush rod holders
  • Two black bungees
  • Two paddle packing

These features make the tandem kayak great for family day out in the lake or ocean.

VK-03 BAIKAL: 12.9 ft Double Seat Fishing kayak

This fishing kayak is a great option for families because of the following:

  • It’s a 4 star fishing kayak for family and individuals.
  •  It has two seats, ideal for recreational and fishing use.
  • It provides both paddlers with an equally wonderful time on the water while remaining incredibly stable and maneuverable for tandem paddling.

The outstanding features of this kayak include the following:

  • Two paddles
  • Two deluxe seats
  • Two fishing rod holders
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One drain plug
  • Two plastic handles
  • Two flush rod holders
  • Two round hatches
  • One black bungee
  • Two paddle packing

VK-07 HAPPINESS: 12.1 ft 2+1 Family kayak

This is the perfect tandem kayak for recreational kayaking and the most popular family kayak. This is because of the following:

  • It’s a 5 star tandem kayak for families and ideal for social events or family reunions.
  • It offers excellent stability and mobility.
  • This kayak encourages joy, friendship, harmony, and a balanced existence.
  • With a weight of 34 kg, it’s manageable and can even fit in most pickups and SUVs.

This kayak features the following:

  • Two paddles
  • Two deluxe seats
  • Two fishing rod holder
  • Eight scupper plugs
  • One drain plug
  • Four plastic handle
  • Two round hatches
  • Four flush rod holders
  • One black bungee
  • Two paddle packing

VK-27 TANGO: 13.5 ft Double Flap Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

This is an ideal family fishing kayak because of the following:

  • It’s a 5 star product because of its quickness and a strong carrying capacity, it is ideal for weekend camping or fishing trips with enough equipment to fill a tackle shop.
  • It’s designed for two people and completes the task in comfort and style with highly adjustable seats.
  • It also has a smooth-handed rudder system that has been updated to maximize the turning radius with a single wrist twist that has taken the place of the previous rudder system.
  • With comfortable, molded-in carrying handles, you can easily move the Oasis around on land and in water.

This kayak constitutes the following features:

  • Two paddles
  • Two comfortable adjustable Aluminum frame
  • Two flap pedal
  • Eleven scupper plugs
  • Two drain plugs
  • Eight plastic handles
  • Four flush rod holders
  • Two square hatches
  • Eight H-Track
  • Two black bungees
  • One full rudder system
  • One fish finder hole
  • Four foot pads
  • Two paddle packing

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Tandem Kayaks

It’d help to consider several aspects when choosing a tandem kayak for your family’s adventures. Some of those factors include the following:


The length of the kayak is crucial because it mostly affects the style of paddling you will use. Since longer kayaks are more aerodynamic in the water and can go at quicker speeds with little to no effort, they are typically utilized as touring kayaks.

Shorter kayaks are better for whitewater since they are easier to control. However, you risk capsizing on calm, flat waters because of their smaller size and decreased stability.

The most common kayaks on the market are recreational kayaks, which fall midway in the center. Recreational kayaks may not be the market’s fastest or most maneuverable kayaks. Still, they are highly stable, making them ideal for leisurely paddles on your favorite body of water.


The stability of the kayak will also be influenced by its width. Generally speaking, a kayak will be more stable the broader it is. Because of this, the majority of fishing and leisure kayaks have substantially broader decks.

You cast lines repeatedly while fishing, which may cause the kayak to move. This movement will probably result in you being in the water if you were to fish from a small touring kayak.

The same holds true for kayaks used for recreation. A broader deck keeps novice or inexperienced paddlers from capsizing into the water since they haven’t yet perfected their kayak balance. Therefore, if your family is new to kayaking, you should ensure that you get a broader tandem kayak.

Weight Capacity

Ideally, tandem kayaks are meant for two people, thus often have high weight capacity to hold both paddlers and extra gear. It’s a good idea to leave 10–20 lbs between your overall weight and the kayak’s weight limit because you might switch your paddling companion or bring extra items on subsequent outings.

Add up your weight, your paddling buddy’s weight, and any gear you could be carrying when selecting a kayak. Once you have your total, check it against the weight limits of the kayaks to be sure you are not over them.


The weight of a tandem kayak increases with its length and width. Although you can now take your kayak to the sea thanks to kayak carts, the added weight of a longer or broader kayak can be problematic if you lack the strength.


There are many shapes for kayaks, each with advantages and disadvantages depending on how you plan to use it. A double-ended kayak (with both ends pointing in the same direction) or a V-shaped kayak is the ideal tandem kayaks for families.

Features Of An Ideal Tandem Kayak

You must also consider several features when choosing a tandem kayak for your family. They include the following:


Your kayak’s durability will depend on the materials it is built of. You want your tandem kayak to last for a long time because you’re spending a lot of money on it.

The best tandem kayaks are made from polyethylene material because it’s affordable and strong. This means you can keep your kayak in your collection for a long time.

Composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber are also great material choices. These kayaks are the fastest, lightest, and most maneuverable of the lot but are also the priciest.

Surprisingly, wood is incredibly lightweight and robust and is even infrequently used to make tandem kayaks.

PVC, the most typical material used to make inflatable kayaks, is the last option. To make PVC even more rip-resistant than typical, it can be strengthened. If you chance to puncture your kayak at any point, this fabric is lightweight, affordable, and simple to repair.


This fin fits inside your kayak and aids in maintaining a straight course. As a result, you won’t need to constantly alter your direction with your paddle if the wind picks up or the waves get rough.

Strong currents can also be beneficial since it causes your boat to track more quickly than the wind can propel it. A skeg will increase drag, slowing you down and limiting the water that may enter your kayak.


It’d be best if you also took note of how the seats are arranged prior to understanding how to single paddle a tandem kayak. Only one person can paddle most two person kayaks if you don’t have somebody to go paddling with you. You can do this from the back seat if you weigh down the kayak’s front end.

Alternately, many sit-on-top kayaks are simple to modify since you may remove the front seat totally and shift the back seat into the center of the kayak. This function will be quite helpful if you anticipate kayaking solo occasionally.


Enabling you to steer with the foot pedals gives your kayak an added level of control. As a result, one person in a tandem kayak can handle all the paddling. This can be helpful if two paddlers have differing degrees of strength or stamina but only do it when necessary because paddling against a strong stream or into the wind requires more effort.

Spray Skirt

A spray skirt is a crucial feature in a tandem kayak. When it starts to rain while you are on the water or if your boat flips over while you are paddling, a spray skirt will be extremely helpful.

As long as your seal with the cockpit rim is intact, this will keep you entirely dry with the proper fit. The spray skirt is not necessary, though, unless you intend to kayak in whitewater or a dangerous location.

Paddle Leash

Anyone planning to kayak through rapids or in rough surf needs a paddle leash. When you spill into choppy waves, the paddle leash ties to your wrist and keeps the paddle from being whisked away.

Even boats with bulkheads to prevent water from entering need this since it’s a good idea to have your paddle tethered, so you don’t lose it if the waves drive you under. This is crucial if your boat needs more bulkheads.

Types Of Tandem Kayaks

There are a variety of tandem kayaks for you to choose from. The most suitable type of tandem kayak should cater to your needs as a family and where you’ll be kayaking. Here are the common types of tandem kayaks that you’ll have to choose from:

The Sit-In Tandem Kayak

The sit inside kayaks are the original tandem variants. A sit inside a kayak has enclosed cockpits that completely surround your lower body and offer a feeling of being closer to the water. A great example is the ocean kayak Malibu.

You can also get a solo kayak of this type if the kids want to avoid going into the water. Because they keep you from getting wet, these kayaks are excellent for kayaking in choppy or whitewater conditions. Well, at least your bottom half.

The Sit-On Tandem Kayaks

Tandem kayaks with seats are the complete opposite of sit-in kayaks. The paddler can sit on top of these kayaks because they have an open hull. With this design, getting in and out of the kayak is simpler, and paddling provides you with more mobility.

The hull of a sit-on-top kayak will be larger and flatter to increase its stability on the water, and these kayaks are frequently preferred by kayak anglers and people kayaking with kids.

Inflatable Tandem Kayaks

After choosing between the sit-on and sit-in variations, you must determine whether you want an inflatable kayak or a hard-shell kayak.

For those with little room for storage, inflatable kayaks are a wonderful choice because they can be deflated and packed into a tiny backpack or carry bag. They are also perfect for persons who want to travel abroad or to distant areas inaccessible to automobiles because of this property.

Inflatable kayaks are thought to be weak and easily damaged by many individuals. Nothing could be further from the truth than this. When inflated, inflatable kayaks can be just as strong as conventional kayaks since they are constructed from incredibly durable materials.

Fishing Tandem Kayak

A fishing kayak is another great option, which, while mostly used by anglers, is an excellent choice for bigger and heavier paddlers. Wider decks on fishing kayaks typically provide additional user space to cast from. This space is essential if you’re a larger paddler.

Additionally, fishing kayaks have a wide deck and can support a lot of weight. Once more, this is perfect for heavier paddlers who want to bring a lot of stuff.

Hardshell Tandem Kayak

Hardshell kayaks are frequently built of polyethylene, which allows them to move through the water more quickly. Although these kayaks are strong, resilient, and simple to use, they may be challenging to move depending on their length.

Buying Guide For The Best Tandem Kayak

As discussed above, there are many factors to consider when buying a tandem kayak. Additionally, when acquiring these pedal kayaks for fishers, there are several factors to consider. These are the elements that might assist you in selecting the greatest tandem pedal kayaks to satisfy your market’s wants.

Customers often go through tandem kayak reviews available online to decide on the most suitable kayak. Their needs can influence the decision to purchase a tandem fishing kayak, inflatable tandem kayak, inflatable fishing kayak, or solo kayaks.

The following elements are crucial to take into account when purchasing because they can speed up the sale of your pedal kayaks:

Kayak Packaging

Tandem pedal fishing kayaks include various features, including adjustable seats, plastic handles, hatches, propeller systems, and rod holders, to name a few. To ensure that, as the buyer, you’re as satisfied as possible when using the kayaks, these functions must operate as intended.

As a result, you must be sure the supplying company has a reliable dispatch and logistics system before purchasing any pedal kayak models. This ensures they can package and deliver the merchandise to your place without harm because they have a proper dispatch system.

The supplier should ensure that the firm correctly packages the tandem kayak to ascertain safety during delivery. Carton and nylon materials are the best options for packaging tandem kayaks. Many features are cushioned to prevent harm while being transported to your place.

Kayak Length

The most suitable tandem kayak for a family should be up to 14 feet long on average if you want to go fishing or explore the outdoors. This length is perfect for giving you enough storage space for any gear you might have, such as fishing rods and other gear that kayak anglers frequently need to utilize when they are out on a lake or river.

You can check the product description for details regarding the kayak’s length. You’ll see that different kayaks come in a range of lengths. Because many individuals just use kayaks for exercise, yoga, or surfing in shallow waters, the lengths can vary. However, if your target market enjoys fishing, you should pick a model at least 14 feet long.

Kayak’s Features

Several basic features should be on Kayaks. You should ensure that the kayak you buy has all the essential features. For instance, kayaks must have soft seats and flush-mounted rod holders.

Additionally, the hatches ought to have ample room for storage on your land. The greatest kayaks always include:

  • A bow door.
  • Instant reverse pedal drive.
  • Hand-controlled or automated rudders.
  • Support for trolling motors.

Easy To Use

You should ensure that you’re buying a kayak that’s easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner. For example, if you’re going fishing, it is advisable to purchase tandem kayak models that are stress-free for everyone to operate.

You can check the kayak model to see if it is compatible with contemporary kayaking gear that can improve the user’s overall experience when using the fishing kayaks.


Another aspect that you must check when buying a kayak is the warranty. In most cases, companies confident in their products provide reasonable warranty terms for their kayaks. If there’s an issue with the kayak during use or it gets spoiled, you can get assistance with repairs at a reasonable price.

In addition, you may be sure that you will receive the best customer service when you purchase from us. We also offer a product warranty to give you additional peace of mind following a purchase from our business.


Tandem kayaking is a great activity that all family members can enjoy. Nonetheless, it’d be best to prioritize your family’s safety by ensuring you get the best kayak, such as the VK-27 TANGO or VK-07 HAPPINESS. These are the best tandem kayaks for family adventures because they’re stable and can easily be used by beginners and experienced people. Once you’re ready and have found the best kayak, it’s time for adventure! 

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