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HD-06 Sonia: 10.1FT Sit-in Kajak

HD-06 Sonia: 10.1FT Sit-in Kajak

Embrace aquatic adventures with Vicking Kayak’s HD-06 Sonia, a 10.1FT sit-in kayak equipped with ample storage space and easy transportation handles.

Produkt Detail

Boasting a vibrant yellow and white exterior, our HD-06 Sonia is designed for visibility, safety, and style. Its concave middle design allows you to sit comfortably and securely, promising a stable and smooth journey regardless of the water conditions.

Thoughtfully designed with bungee cords at the head and tail, the HD-06 Sonia provides ample storage space for your gear. These cords keep your items secure even in the choppiest of waters.

The addition of handles on the head and tail makes transportation a breeze, ensuring that your adventure begins and ends on a high note.

Moreover, since 2012, we have been at the forefront of the rotomolding industry, consistently producing high-quality, innovative products. This HD-06 Sonia is a testament to our relentless dedication to quality and ingenuity.

Overall, contact us today and invest in our 10.1FT sit-in kayak.

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