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HD-03 STORY: 14FT Single Light Weight Sea Touring Kajak

HD-03 STORY: 14FT Single Light Weight Sea Touring Kajak

Our HD-03 STORY, a 14ft single lightweight sea touring kayak, is suitable for a range of paddlers, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

Produkt Detail

This sea touring kayak features an adjustable seat with dry tech, self-rescue safety straps, high-visibility deck safety lines, two sealed storage hatches, a day hatch, bulkheads, and a choice between rudder or skeg systems.

These features ensure optimal performance and safety on the water, making it perfect for overnight trips and rough water conditions.

The kayak’s ergonomic cockpit, combined with our industry-leading adjustable seat, offers a comfortable fit for a wide variety of paddlers. And it also shares many attributes with our touring kayaks, such as bungee cords on the deck.

Thus, order our HD-03 STORY sea touring kayak with a perfect blend of speed, stability, and seaworthiness. Experience the thrill of navigating rough waters while enjoying the beginner-friendly design.


hd 03 story



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