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Klar Paddle Board SUP

Klar Paddle Board SUP

Produkt Detail


Package size:  312X88X15CM

Weight: 21kgs

Loading capacity: 110kgs



If you live near a lake with clear water or plan to visit one, you should consider buying a clear paddle board. These are transparent paddle board models that give you a full view of everything beneath the water’s surface. The clear paddle board can be used to have so much fun on flat water, and you can also use it to catch waves because it has a good rocker and all the features you will find on a standard inflatable stand up paddle board.

We call it the classic cruising paddle board, and crystal board is a clearly better paddle board than many options on the market.

Where to Buy Clear Paddle Board

Our company stocks the highest commercial grade transparent sup’s, which are beginning to outsell the transparent kayak. You can use them for more than just a watersport. The transparent paddle board is built for a wide audience and has superb features.

To buy these transparent paddle board models in bulk, complete and send us a customer contact form, and we will take it from there.

Advantages of Using a Transparent Paddle Board

You may find this product tagged as a crystal board on the internet. Some people call it a crystal board. So, don’t be confused. They are often spotted in water sport rental companies. The customer reviews for these paddle board are fantastic. Here are the top benefits of using clear paddle board:


The clear paddle board is rigid and durable. The transparent sup can withstand strong tides, even though you will always experience new gliding sensations on flat water.

Unparalleled View

Using the Transparent stand up paddle board is a clearly better way to enjoy the underwater world view while gliding across the lake.

Einfach zu benutzen

All you need to do is inflate the board to start using the crystal board.

Product Description

Impressive Loading Capacity

This transparent sup has a loading capacity of 110 kg. This is impressive by all standards, as ensured by us, the premier manufacturer.

Product Weight

The board has a fully transparent stand and weighs only 21 kg. This means you can deflate, fold and store the board without stress.

Size Dimensions

The dimensions of this classic cruising paddle board are 310x85x13 cm. This is ideal for adults and young teens who want to go paddling.

Width and Thickness

The transparent paddle board is wide enough to allow you to stand comfortably and maintain your balance while gliding across the lake. The thickness is also great, about 5 inches, so no worries about flipping over.

Round Nose

Beginners will enjoy using this transparent paddle board because it has a rounded nose that helps keep the board stable during practice. Crystal board can also accommodate fins which can boost speed.

Leash Hook

There is a sturdy leash hook that provides additional support for beginners or others who like to chase high overhead waves. The stand is also anti-slip, which is great for all users.

Buy in Bulk, Order Today

Send us your customer contact form to order these transparent sup models in bulk. Lead time is from three to four weeks, and we ship out fast.


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