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Fahrwerksmotor, mit Befestigungsstange, 55LBS, A41

Fahrwerksmotor, mit Befestigungsstange, 55LBS, A41

Discover our A41 trolley motor with mounting bar 55lbs designed to optimize your kayaking adventures, ensuring you explore the waters with ease and confidence.

Produkt Detail

This sleek black A41 trolley motor boasts a powerful 55lb thrust capacity, providing exceptional propulsion and efficiency.

Its unique design incorporates a convenient mounting bar, allowing you to effortlessly attach the motor to your kayak for a secure and stable fit.

Vicking Kayak, an industry leader in roto-molding products since 2012, is the trusted manufacturer behind this outstanding motor.

Besides, our reliable quality inspection team rigorously examines each motor, guaranteeing you receive a product that exceeds your expectations.

By adding this remarkable motor to your product lineup, you’ll empower your clientele to make the most of their aquatic adventures, ensuring they have the equipment necessary for an unforgettable experience on the water.

Consequently, invest in this A41 trolley motor with mounting bar and provide a top-notch product that blends potent performance and an easy-to-use mounting solution.


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