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Kajak-Paddel-Leine, A38

Kajak-Paddel-Leine, A38

Vicking Kayak’s A38 kayak paddle leash 01 is an essential accessory that ensures the safety and security of any kayaker out on the water.

Produkt Detail

Looking for a kayak paddle leash that will make your kayaking adventures more convenient and secure? Look nowhere else. Even during the most strenuous paddling sessions, the paddle will remain safely tied to your kayak thanks to the sturdy and adjustable construction of this kayak paddle leash.

Our premium accessory is made from high-quality materials and is designed to resist various water conditions while providing dependable performance for years.

The leash’s flexible design and safe attachment mechanism enable paddling comfortably and without hindrance. Plus, it enhances the elegance and visibility of your kayaking equipment with its striking red color.

Further, Vicking Kayak is dedicated to outstanding design and production, so you can depend on our paddle leash to satisfy your high requirements. With over a decade of experience developing and manufacturing top-quality roto-molding products, our A38 paddle leash 01 is a must-have addition to your product lineup.

In conclusion, upgrade your wholesale inventory today with this reliable and attractive kayak paddle leash.


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