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Einfacher Kajakwagen, A22

Einfacher Kajakwagen, A22

Discover the A22 SIMPLE TROLLEY 03, your ultimate kayak trolley solution, designed with optimal precision and care by Vicking Kayak.

Produkt Detail

Our A22 SIMPLE TROLLEY 03 exhibits a meticulous design to ease your kayaking adventures. The two wheels set 50cm apart, are connected by a long horizontal bar. This setup ensures stability and balance, making the transportation of your kayak smooth and effortless.

Rising from the horizontal bar are two vertical bars, each 50cm in length, culminating in a total trolley height of 61cm. And `this feature is designed to provide an ergonomic grip, making maneuvering your kayak trolley more comfortable.

Additionally, in terms of aesthetics, this A22 SIMPLE TROLLEY 03 sports black wheels complemented by a vibrant red inner rim, adding a touch of color and energy to your outdoor adventures.

It is also a testament to our commitment to quality and design, as it has been developed under the supervision of a reliable quality inspection team and with a continuous focus on new product development.

Consequently, choose the A22 SIMPLE TROLLEY 03 for a kayak trolley that is as reliable and durable as it is aesthetically pleasing. Transform the kayaking experience with this user-friendly, high-quality accessory engineered to last.


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